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  • Posted on : 16 Apr 2020  
    How to start? Many a times you have the idea or the concept but, but you don’t how or where to start? Like I have an idea for this write up but I didn’t know how to start and hence this. In writing you can term it as writer’s block, in other creative fields it’s termed as creative block; bas.... Read More
  • Posted on : 07 Apr 2020  
    Millions of Indians, Chinese, South-east Asians, Middle-east Asians crave to get into the United States of America. “The USA Fever” how many of us have not dreamt of being in the USA, many of us isn’t it?? We have grown up listening to our elderly people’s advice that it is the time of Cri.... Read More
  • Posted on : 03 Apr 2020  
    So the above was sent by a client.His idea was to tell the consultant that the embassy is not processing applications due to current situation.But what he missed in the entire plot was that Canada is still issuing invitations, and after the invitations the processing will take time.When you have got.... Read More
  • Posted on : 31 Mar 2020  
    There was a question asked by one my clients saying - “Why are you still open and / or You should not be selling at this time?”. So, it does come to my mind whether one should continue selling at the time of crisis. Many, in fact almost everyone think that selling at such times is like we are de.... Read More
  • Posted on : 30 Mar 2020  
    The above message was recently given by a very prominent newspaper, The Hindu. It’s not that this publication is an epitome of righteousness in journalism but the message comes out very apt! When you say something is a crises, it is indeed a crises. You don’t say something is a crises and then .... Read More

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