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Posted on: 27 Feb 2017  |   Tags: how is life in CANADA ,

I am in Toronto right now. I came to Canada along with 3 of my friends in 2011 after my graduation to shape my future in a better way. First 2 winters were hard for us as we grew in a tropical country-India. But know i feel I got used to the winter and snow. Last night my dad called me from India and was happy for the fact that we didn't choose United States of America as our destination country. After Mr Donald Trump came into power, the states is now a 4th or 5th option for Indians to migrate. People are considering Canada, Australia and New Zealand as they are better,safer and politically stable countries to live.

2 things or systems I completely wonder how the Canadian Government does it but are wonderful. Universal Health Coverage - this means that 36 million people don’t have to a penny to get treated for any medical condition . Free education upto high school for all children. Some other bonuses are you pay taxes according to how much you earn per year although some people cry to pay taxes ..they don't understand what is tax after all.

Last thing if you loose a job , the government will provide you financial assistance and also there are numerous welfare programs which take care of you incase of any emergency

Of course there are drawbacks of every country but in Canada , you dont have to worry about being kicked out of country or being killed by someone at public places or being afraid of walking in downtown after 10 pm.

Canadians are very charming people and they have a big heart . Sorry , please and thank you are three sweet words that you can hear from everyone in the country here.

Presquile Provincial Park ,Brighton, Ontario

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