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214(b) Visa Denial: How to Avoid It and Can You Overcome It?
Posted on: 18 Feb 2017  |   Tags: 214b , F1 Student rejections , USA student visa interview ,

"M?r? was ?xtr?m?l? h???? as h?? ???t?r, Ad?n???, w?? ??m?ng t? visit h?m t? Un?t?d States ?n three days. Suddenly, the ?h?n? r?ng. M?r? could n?t b?l??v? h?? ??r?. Adonica, t?ld M?r?, “I’m n?t ??m?ng…th? ??n?ul refused my visa und?r 214(b). I d?n’t kn?w wh?t t? d?.”"

Ad?n??? ?? n?t the only ?n? to f?ll v??t?m t? 214b visa rejection. On ?n? given day ?ll over th? world, ??v?r?l ????l? w?ll find th?m??lv?? ?n Adonica's ??tu?t??n. Th?? h??r the ??n?ul?r ?ff???r ???, "Y?ur visa ???l???t??n ?? d?n??d. You ?r? n?t ?l?g?bl? under Section 214(b) of th? Imm?gr?t??n ?nd Nationality A?t." To h??r this wh?n you ?r? n?t ?x???t?ng ?t ??u??? gr??t d???????ntm?nt ?nd ??m?t?m?? great ?mb?rr???m?nt wh?n ??u h?v? t? ?h?ng? all your ?l?n?. F?r ??v?r?l ???l???nt? a statement fr?m the ??n?ul?r ?ff???r th?t the ???l???t??n ?f th??r visa h?? b??n r?j??t?d und?r INA §214(b) ?? th? f?r?t t?m? th?? have heard ?f ?t, ?nd f?w ?r? sure about th? reasons f?r d?n??l. Wh?t d??? a 214b v??? r?j??t??n m??n? And wh?t ??n ??u d? t? get r??d? f?r a v??? r????l???t??n?

Wh?t I? S??t??n 214(b) of the Immigration ?nd N?t??n?l?t? A?t (INA)?

INA S??t??n 214(b), also found ?n th? United St?t?? C?d? ?t 8 USC 1184(b), states:

"...every ?l??n . . . ?h?ll b? ?r??um?d t? b? ?n ?mm?gr?nt until he establishes t? the ??t??f??t??n ?f the consular ?ff???r, ?t th? t?m? ?f ???l???t??n for a v???, ?nd the ?mm?gr?t??n ?ff???r?, ?t th? t?m? of ???l???t??n f?r ?dm?????n, th?t he ?? entitled t? a nonimmigrant ?t?tu? und?r section 101(?)(15)."

This basically means that b?f?r? you ??n b? approved for a n?n?mm?gr?nt visa, ??u mu?t ?r?v? that ??u h?v? returned to ??ur home country. You need to ?r?v? th?t ??u d? not ?nt?nd t? g?v? up m? r???d?n?? there. Th? l?w requires you t? prove th?t you have "strong ties" in ??ur ??untr? th?t ??u will b? r??u?r?d t? l??v? at the end ?f ??ur t?m??r?r? ?t?? and r?turn home.

Thu?, t? ?v??d a 214 b v??? d?n??l, applicants mu?t convince th? C?n?ul?r Officer of the f?ll?w?ng:

  • th?t th?? h?v? th? ?nt?nt??n ?f r?turn?ng t? their home country ?ft?r a t?m??r?r? ?t?? ?n the United St?t??,
  • that th?? ?r? f?n?n???l gr?und?d ?u?h that th?? can ??? for th? trip without having t? seek unlawful j?b ?n th? U.S., ?nd
  • that th? travel ?? f?r valid ?ur????? ?????t?bl? by the applicant's visa ??t?g?r?.

Fr?m th? ?b?v? d??l?gu?, one th?ng ?? sure: h?v?ng ?l??? ties w?th ??ur h?m? ??untr? ?? very ?m??rt?nt when it comes t? obtaining nonimmigrant visas t? th? United St?t??. At this jun?tur?, ??u are m??t l?k?l? ??k?ng ??ur??lf "what do ??u mean by h?v?ng strong t????, wh? ?? this ?m??rt?nt?, h?w d? I kn?w ?f I ?h?r? a strong ??nn??t??n w?th m? ??untr??" What if I d? n?t have a ?tr?ng t?? w?th my ??untr??”

L?t’? ?w?ftl? answer ??ur first question, ‘wh?t ??n?t?tut?? ?tr?ng ties with one’s h?m??’

What ??n?t?tut?? ‘Str?ng Ties’?

Basically, there ?? n? ?t?nd?rd definition of "?tr?ng b?nd?". Wh?t ??n?t?tut?? ?tr?ng t??? d?ff?r fr?m ?n? country t? ?n?th?r, ?n? city to another, and ?n? individual t? ?n?th?r. "T???" ?r? the v?r??u? aspects ?f ??ur life th?t l?nk ??u to ??ur ??untr? ?f residence: f?m?l? ?nd ?????l relationships, your bu??n??? ?nd ??ur ?r???rt?. Some ?x?m?l?? of "t???" ??n b? a f?m?l?, a j?b or bu??n???, a h?u??, b?nk ????unt and ?nv??tm?nt?. The situation ?f ???h ??r??n ?? different.

C?n?ul?r ?ff???r? ?r? tr??n?d f?r ?nd und?r?t?nd th?? diversity. Dur?ng th? v??? ?nt?rv??w th?? ??n??d?r ??r??n?l f??t?r? l?k? ?r?f?????n?l, social, ?ultur?l ?nd others ?? ?r???nt?d by ?n ?nd?v?du?l. In ?n?t?n??? ?f younger applicants wh? may n?t h?v? had ?n ????rtun?t? to form m?n? ties, ??n?ul?r officers m?? l??k at ?????f?? intentions, f?m?l? ??tu?t??n?, and long-range plans and ?r?????t? within th? ??untr? ?f residence.

Wh? D? Imm?gr?t??n Off???r? Pl??? Su?h H?gh Im??rt?n?? on ‘Str?ng T???’?

M?n? ????l? f?nd th?m??lv?? ?n th? w?b ?f this question. It’s very n??????r? f?r ??u t? b? ?rm?d the meaning of Str?ng Ties ?f you are ???l??ng f?r a v???. The tie th?t a ??r??n ?h?r?? with h?? or her ??untr? helps th? officer determine ?f the ???l???nt r?t??n? a residence ?v?r???? and th?t they d?n’t ?nt?nd ?b?nd?n?ng ?t. In th? ?ff???r’? ???nt ?f v??w, ?n applicant ?h?uld h?v? ?u?h ?tr?ng t??? with his or her home ??untr? th?t th?? w?ll ??m??l him or her t? l??v? the US ?t th? ?nd ?f h?? ?r h?r t?m??r?r? stay to return h?m?


Anj?u, a ??ung man from ??ntr?l Afr???, applied for a visitor visa t? tr?v?l t? th? US t? visit a ??ung?r brother l?v?ng ?n Atl?nt?, GA. H? w?? d?n??d und?r 214(b) b???u?? the ??n?ul?r ?ff???r did n?t th?nk h? w?uld b? ??m?ng back. H? h?d not gone t? th? ?nt?rv??w ?r???r?d to ?ddr??? th? intending immigrant ???u??. Anj?u went h?m? ?nd g?th?r?d documents t? show h?? ties to his h?m? country. Wh?n h? w?nt ?n f?r his n?xt ?nt?rv??w h? w?? ready. H? h?d a ??ngl? sheet th?t outlined f?r the ??n?ul?r ?ff???r all his r????n? f?r staying, ?nd attached to ?t ?ll th? d??um?nt? t? ?u???rt h?? claim. H? started ?ut b? ?h?w?ng th?t ?ll ?f his f?m?l? lives ?n h?? h?m?t?wn ?n Africa, ?x???t h?? br?th?r wh? is ?tt?nd?ng college ?n the US. H?? family owns several ?????? of ?r???rt? ?n Afr???. H? ?wn? his ?wn bu??n??? which h? ?t?rt?d when h? gr?du?t?d from ??ll?g?, and wh??h is d??ng very w?ll. The bu??n??? has ??v?r?l ?m?l????? ?nd will b? run b? h?? office m?n?g?r in h?? ?b??n??. H? also ?wn? his own house, ?nd will be g?tt?ng m?rr??d early n?xt ???r. At th? interview th? ??n?ul?r ?ff???r t??k the package of materials and r?v??w?d th?m ?u??kl?, ??k?d Anj?u a few ?u??t??n? ?b?ut h?? tr?? ?nd gr?nt?d th? v???. Preparation ???d ?ff for Anjou ?nd ?t the b?g?nn?ng of th? month he will b? ?ff t? th? US to spend a couple ?f w??k? w?th his br?th?r.

I? a Denial Under S??t??n 214(b) Permanent?

N?. A ??n?ul?r ?ff???r will reassess a case if ??u ??n ?h?w m?r? definite ?r??f of ties to ??ur h?m? ??untr?. Y?u ?h?uld ??nt??t th? ?mb???? ?r consulate, or look ?n their w?b??t?, t? find ?ut ?b?ut reapplication m???ur??. R?gr?tt?bl?, some people simply w?ll n?t b? ?bl? t? ?h?w t??? t? th??r ??untr? ?nd, th?r?f?r?, w?ll n?t d??m?d fail t? g?t a nonimmigrant v???, irrespective ?f th? numb?r ?f t?m?? th?? r????l?. Th?? will only change when their ??r??n?l, ?r?f?????n?l, ?nd financial ??r?um?t?n??? ?h?ng?.

Wh?t Sh?uld You D? In C??? of a 214b V??? D?n??l?

If ??u w?r? refused a visa under ???t??n 214(b), ??u m?? reapply. When ??u d?, ??u will have t? ?h?w furth?r ?v?d?n?? ?f your t??? ?r how your circumstances h?v? ?h?ng?d ??n?? the t?m? of the ?r?g?n?l ???l???t??n.

First, ??r?full? r?v??w ??ur ??tu?t??n ?nd r??l??t???ll? ?v?lu?t? ??ur t???. You m?? w?nt t? wr?t? d?wn ?n paper an outline of wh?t ?u?l?f??ng t??? ??u th?nk ??u h?v? th?t m?? n?t h?v? b??n ?r???rl? ?v?lu?t?d ?t th? time ?f your ?nt?rv??w w?th th? ??n?ul?r officer. Also, ??u ?h?uld r?v??w any documents th?t were submitted f?r th? ??n?ul t? ??n??d?r, ?nd look ?t wh?t d??um?nt? could h?v? been presented th?t weren’t.

It m?? h?l? to answer the following ?u??t??n? b?f?r? r????l??ng:

  1. Did you explain ??ur ??tu?t??n ???ur?t?l??
  2. D?d the consular officer overlook ??m?th?ng?
  3. I? there any ?dd?t??n?l information ??u ??n ?r???nt t? ??t?bl??h ??ur r???d?n?? ?nd strong t??? abroad?

N?t?: You should also be ?w?r? th?t ??u w?ll b? charged a nonrefundable application fee each t?m? ??u apply f?r a v???, irrespective of wh?th?r a v??? ?? issued.


Wh?n ???l??ng f?r a nonimmigrant visa you have t? b? w?ll ready and ??u????d. At ??ur v??? interview ??u have t? b? clear ?nd conscience wh?n presenting ??ur ???? to the ??n?ul?r ?ff???r. Y?u ?nl? have a few m?nut?? t? ?r?v? t? the ?ff???r that ??u ?r? a g??d ??nd?d?t? for a v???. You ?h?uld have all th? points you want t? m?k? (ties to your home ??untr?) dr?wn ?nd ??ur ?u???rt?ng d??um?nt? should b? ?n order and prepared t? be ?r???nt?d

Finally, kn?w your tr?v?l ?l?n?. Y?u should be ?bl? t? t?ll th? officer w?th ?ll ??rt??nt? th? 5 “w”?:

  1. Wh? ?r? ??u planning t? tr?v?l t? the US?
  2. Wh?n are you ?l?nn?ng to tr?v?l, ?nd h?w long d? ??u ?l?n t? ?t???
  3. Wh?r? ?r? ??u going t? ?t??, ?nd wh? w?ll ??u be ?t???ng w?th?
  4. Wh? ?r? you ?l?nn?ng t? ??? wh?l? ?n th? US?
  5. What ?r? you ?l?nn?ng t? d? wh?l? ?n the US?

Wh?l? there ?? no d?f?n?t? m??n?ng ?f “?tr?ng t???” ??u can b? ?u?????ful ?f ??u ?r? ?r???r?d. S? get ??ur d??um?nt? r??d?, b? ??nf?d?nt, ?nd g??d lu?k.

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