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  • Posted on : 28 Mar 2016  
    Humans are one of the species which have the capability to stay alone but still we tend to feel nice when we have someone with us. The habitat of other species is made in a way that they are supposed to be together for survival hence they will always be found in groups or herd; irrespective of the.... Read More
  • Posted on : 26 Mar 2016  
    The idea of a temporary work permit could sound very appealing. Often there is fewer paper works needed and processing times are quicker when compared to application for permanent residency. All of that means, generally speaking, you can go overseas more rapidly. What individuals often don’t re.... Read More
  • Posted on : 25 Mar 2016  
    Hey, if you have started reading this post you must be either a Batman or a Superman fan. By the way this post is not any review on how the movie is. Just to give a glimpse, the movie is about how Batman takes on the man of steel, while the world wrestles with what kind of a hero it really needs. .... Read More
  • Posted on : 25 Mar 2016  
    Writing about a religion or God is something which is not at all my forte; neither I'm a rigid follower nor I like putting things under religion but this one looked fascinating to me so I couldn't stop from sharing. There are 360 million Gods & Goddesses in India and we have kept one for each .... Read More
  • Posted on : 23 Mar 2016  
    The other day I came across an IT professional who was leaving her current job just because her company expected her to take an overseas opportunity in US. When I asked why she did not take it up she said "I won't be able to visit my family if I migrate abroad, like I do now. I'm okay if they send m.... Read More

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