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  • Posted on : 31 Jan 2020  
    Did you know: When looking to immigrate to Canada you may choose to use an immigration lawyer or an immigration consultant? They are both legally authorized to represent clients during the immigration process but have different education backgrounds and regulation authorities.Immigration lawyers and.... Read More
  • Posted on : 16 Nov 2017  
    Canadian province Manitoba has come up with changes to its provincial nomination streams. The province has come up with new occupations list under its Skilled Worker Overseas Stream. The stream will be further sub divided in Express Entry stream and Human Capital Pathway. Manitoba Express .... Read More
  • Posted on : 01 Oct 2017  
    As a part of its US India Dosti campaign, the US embassy in India conducted a Bollywood audition for its officers. Check it out, it's pretty cool. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gj88QA_noqU[/embed].... Read More
  • Posted on : 08 Aug 2017  
      Loy Machedo, who lived in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (1982-2016) writes My aunt and her family lived in UAE for 15 years before migrating to Canada permanently. My family lived in UAE for 50+ years. And I lived in UAE for 40 years before leaving UAE permanently. So I can give y.... Read More
  • Posted on : 04 Aug 2017  
    Hong Kong is one of the only Asian countries which has open options allowing immigrants to come and settle. The general information on any country's visa process & benefits are always standard like quality lifestyle, permanent settlement, family immigration, opportunity to attain citizenship etc.... Read More

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