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Adaptability Requirement Is Important For Those Who Seek Migration

Adaptability requirement is important for those who seek migrationAdaptability by definition means a persons ability to change them self to suite a given of changing situation, be it climatic, work space or location related. Some people are highly adaptable than others to changing situations and circumstances. This is a trait that comes in handy especially if you change careers or migrate to a different location.

In the context of immigration, adaptability is clearly defined by some factors which are highly desirable in am immigrant, so of them being language ability of accompanying spouse, previous exposure to similar or same environment work or study wise, having friends or relatives is considered a great contributing factor to adaptability as well.

All the factors stated above cary additional bonus points for immigration, especially for countries like Australia, Canada and Denmark.

For Canada in specific the below factors give added edge to an applicant. If you got a spouse or common?legal partner who would immigrate along with you to Canada, they could earn points for adaptability too. You could only avail points for every item once. The utmost points in this section is 10.

One can gain 5 points for your legal partner or partner’s language level either French or English at CLB 4 level or increased in entire of  language abilities (speaking, reading, listening and writing).

One could get 5 points for their post study in Canada as well, if they have completed minimum two educational years of full-time education (in a program minimum two years) at secondary or post-secondary school in Canada. Points could be gained for spouse or partners Canadian study as well.

Similarly one can gain 10 points for their previous work in Canada if they did minimum initial year of full-time work in Canada in a preferred occupation, of gain 5 additional points in once wife or common-law partner has a previous job in Canada for the same duration. This factor can gain you up to 50 points in CRS as well.

One can gain 5 points for Arranged Job in Canada which means having a job offer, this fetches 600 points in the CRS system as well, which all but guarantees a PR. Having a job means having an employer who is ready to reward the skill level of a person by giving them employment, and having employment would be the best way to get adapted to the work and cultural environment of a country by way of interacting with people one works with

One can get 5 adaptability points for having close Relatives in Canada as well. So if the applicant or if it applies,  spouse ,has a close relative who is above 18 years in age, residing in Canada and has a Canadian Citizenship or PR.

So an aspiring immigrant can have increased chances of early selection by having more adaptability points. One can argue that Canada wants people who can readily adapt to the new environment and thus provides additional points to them to move above the rest of the applicants. Having prior exposure of work or study does provide these aspirants an added advantage over others to readily be absorbed into the work culture and society than others, and having a close relative in the country does not hurt either.

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