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Posted on: 03 Apr 2020  |   Tags: ,


So the above was sent by a client.

His idea was to tell the consultant that the embassy is not processing applications due to current situation.

But what he missed in the entire plot was that Canada is still issuing invitations, and after the invitations the processing will take time.

When you have got the invitation, obviously 90% of the process is over and when you have done 90% job why would you worry when embassy itself is saying it will take time? But it would be a pity if aspirants who have not even started with initial process of ECA give this reason to further delay their procedure.

Let’s look at 2 scenarios

  • You applied for visa, you got the invitation and are just waiting for the current situation to settle down so you can file for your PR application. The embassy is saying it will take up processing once everything is fine. What you have got to lose? Nothing, because no new rules or waiting period will impact you. Once everything is fine, you and others like you will be prioritized. Basically you are in the next and immediate queue to enter Canada. In fact, you can now write on your resume that you hold an invitation and now you have more time to connect with Canadian employers.
  • You have not even started with ECA. You held the entire process just because processing times post ITA will be a bit high, and you waited for the world to go back to normal. Now say after some time world went back to normal. But what happened till that time? Will you start from stage 3? No you will still start from stage 1. And what have you got to lose? T I M E; ever heard of that? You won’t get the same time to arrange for documents, you will again say, ‘I am so busy I am unable to concentrate on IELTS’ and in fact you might be subjected to new rules; if Canada makes any changes. I mean, you don’t even hold an ITA, how can you give high processing time after ITA as a reason to delay?


There are people who are still doing everything possible to prepare for their overseas dream. And then there are you. Waiting, waiting and waiting for the world to get normal. Well here is a news, there is nothing ‘normal’ after this. It will be a chaos because everything is piled on. So either you keep things ready or you go out to start the work when everything will be in rush; choice is yours.

And at times people think that writing is easy. What a person who writes has got to lose? They just re-write what they might have read somewhere, they don’t talk as per experience. Well it’s not always that. My cousin has an ITA, he was due to submit passport in March but due to lock down that is delayed and New Delhi embassy has written that any delay because of lock down won’t have any impact on applications. 

So the above gyaan was with a reason and the truth is he and people like him have got the invitation to crib on the delay in processing times; what have you got? You have not even started!

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