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Two countries are found to be closely located together; however, these countries are distant in the aspects of their topography, citizens, and situations. The public often merges these two countries which are Australia and New Zealand to be a similar setting, but this a significant misconception. These countries are two really different countries, and for this fact, there is a difference in their experiences on a very corresponding visa. Here are some of the elaborated dissimilarities in these two implausible countries which we have taken the time to describe the area of the famous working holiday visa as the subject matter.

Housing: The country Australia is enormously equipped with job vacation makers and backpackers! The fact that Australia keeps its boundaries unobstructed to job vacation makers gives Australia an edge over New Zealand; this is an apparent reason why New Zealand might look left out. Many backpackers arrive in New Zealand and Australia, leading to a similarity in the choice of the housing, so there is no cause for alarm. These two countries possess a diversified housing plan choice like the hostels for young people, which are at different prices. Expensive tagged choices are found in Australia within the price ranges of $25-35 each night for a bedroom. Nonetheless, it implemented some other cheaper choices; giving bedrooms at a price as small as $15 (beware of the cockroaches anyway!)

Every boarding house in New Zealand looks to be on the more concentrated side of the measurement scale with pricing range at about $25 for one night, considering its location in New Zealand. However, that's pretty good news for those working with an allocation. Anytime you go on a journey with a working holiday visa, there is a possibility of you selecting a source of income for some months or a bit longer, and you will possibly check for a less expensive, lengthy housing choice. It is at this point these two stupendous countries stand out extremely! Just as I had stated aforetime, Oz is equipped about packing kits, and a fast digging is done on GumTree will show forth lots of short and elongated leases, mostly targeted towards backpackers! These places are well prepared, and there are no large payments, all you have to do is pay weekly, staying with some other backpackers who have jobs in the sector.

New Zealand, on the contrary, is quite distinct. The site to check in this case is TradeMe, just like GumTree, excursionists will see a variety of flats and house shares to choose from when they are ready to be settled and to get a job. We had troubles while looking for a space to situate ourselves for these various conclusions.

There is no place to lease to married people. During our scan through the TradeMe site we kept on seeing the notification: MARRIED PEOPLE ARE NOT WANTED! For what reason? Is there an issue with married people?! We later found the reason for this problem, when we met with the leasers who were glad to welcome both I and Scott, it was quite an appalling issue. The houses which we stayed while we were in Australia for 2 years were all equipped with nothing less than a bed and wardrobe. What could you probably ask for? You cannot find it in New Zealand. Almost all out of the list which we checked were not well prepared. Why would you think backpackers will have the room furniture easily accessible! It’s mostly because many of the plans are not meant for backpackers. When you want to decorate your room, go to a Red Cross furniture store for a less expensive mattress! Visa Limits: Although these two are found to look like job vacation visas, there are few relevant dissimilarities. With the visa cost to the job limits, there are some relevant factors that you should consider when looking at these two choices. Consider the area of cost first. Purchasing a job vacation visa in Australia will cost you a falling price of about $420 in the initial year. However, in New Zealand, job vacation visa costs just $165 for 12 months. These two countries nonetheless place limits universally; they are less complicated and quite accessible. New Zealand and Australia has a place for you to do whatever work you want to do. In case you decide to work at a bar or to work as a care assistant, your visa cannot stop you from doing a particular kind of job. In Australia, it is well mentioned that you are not able to work for a particular person for more than half of a year. Nevertheless, you are permitted to work for several employers, as much as you want during the period of your visa. In contrast, New Zealand permits you to work for a particular person for about 12 months. However, it also seems that the duration of your job does not exceed 12 months even if you got a 23-month visa. We did not notice this fact when we came. We assumed that you only could stay with a particular employer for 12 months. But our assumptions were not correct; you were allowed to work for a total of 12 months even if you had a prolonged job vacation visa. Requesting for an extension is a common decision for backpackers whose homeland has authorized for an enlargement. You enjoy traveling so much that you become unprepared to go home! What are the requirements for getting this extension/ second visa in these two countries? In Australia, you are asked to do an 88 day-rural work to be able to request for a second-year job vacation visa (as far as your homeland is qualified for the second visa). This job has to be done in a rural area of Australia and belongs to agricultural jobs alone, for example, fruit picking, station hand, etc. These 88 work days is expected to be finalized during your first year compulsorily. See my video for more explanations at obtaining a second year working holiday visa.

Generally, you will not need to show some chest x-rays or medical when you apply for any of the visas unless you will be working in a medical field. It’s an easy and nice process.

Entering New Zealand does not require you to complete any of rural obligation to get an extension visa if you’re from a country that is eligible to enter the country. You have the opportunity of choosing between a 22 or a 12-month visa. You can file for a 22-month visa even before you even before you leave your home. But if you choose to file directly for the longer visa, you must provide some extra details that include a medical and a chest x-ray (in some countries).

Also, if you choose to extend your visa while you’re in New Zealand, you have to apply and present a chest x-ray and medical to be eligible.

One cannot file to extend his/her visa online.

Getting a Job

No doubt, with lots of lands and a large population there is bound to be more jobs. You’re sure to find casual works, part-time, and even full-time jobs in every corner of Australia. And several backpackers use GumTree to pick up some casual jobs. Check out this part in the main doc

It’s quite easy to get a job with many other long-term backpackers within Australia through word of mouth. But in New Zealand, there are no much long term backpackers who would stay in a place. It could be easier to get a casual job by checking through and agency like Frenz, to find jobs in a dairy firm, or a backpacker forum where casual jobs are advertised. Most of the employment in New Zealand may request you sign a contract stating that you will stay in a spot for a specific period that is usually longer than the time you wish to.

Australia is a backpacker friendly country than most nations with no contracts to keep you tied in. One thing you need to consider when drawing up your budget is the fact that it takes a shorter time to find a job in Australia than in New Zealand. In fact, Australia is a more backpacker-friendly zone than New Zealand because there is a large number of backpackers in Australia than in New Zealand!


The cost of living in Australia and New Zealand is quite familiar. But there is a huge problem of the minimum wage. One pint of beer is sure to set you back by $10, but in Australia, earning $20 per hour will balance it out. New Zealand appears to have a higher cost of living with an appalling wage. In effect, you pay similar prices in New Zealand and Australia but earn less in New Zealand.

In April 2015, the adult minimum wage was fixed at $14.75 per hour whereas that of Australia within the same period was $16.87 per hour.  In New Zealand, their standard wage for farm work and hospitality is $15 per hour. But in Australia, you can expect up to $18-23 per hour for just bar work!

I get amazed by how expensive living in New Zealand can be yet their wages are pretty low. So, consider this when planning your budget. Nonetheless, you can still survive, but saving up for your next expedition will not be as easy as you would find in Australia.

Cost of Living and Travelling

The two countries are known for their high cost of living, so you to come with a fat bank account to live in either New Zealand or Australia. As earlier said, prices in the two countries are quite similar, but as you already know, the pay rates are entirely different.


Creating a Bank Account

Again, both countries have similar processes for opening a bank account, and it is very easy. Trust me when I say it’s very easy, and you can do it all alone, there’s absolutely no need to ask to pay anybody to do it for you. Walk into any bank of your choice with your passport and voila, your account is up and running. But here are the little differences:

When opening an Australian account you need a passport, and sometimes you will be asked to present a proof of your acclaimed residence, but they usually only ask for a proof of the hostel address if you’re a backpacker or if you’re going to move out you can make arrangements to get your debit card delivered to any branch for you to pick it.

But in New Zealand, it’s mandatory to provide proof of your address at the spot. We asked the branch manager how we are supposed to get this when we’ve only just arrived! We were instructed to get a letter with our acclaimed address stated on it or to get a letter from the hostel owner or our host to affirm we reside there. In a case where you have none of these, you still the option of getting your bank statement printed out with your home address on it, and this will be used as your international address. Then you can then go ahead to change the address you have on your account later on.

The Commonwealth Bank in Australia does not require you to leave any money in your account to open one. But ANZ in New Zealand requires a minimum amount of $350 in cash to open your account.

Tax File Number and IRD Number

Once more, it’s not tough to apply for but mandatory for all to apply for to get a job in both countries. When you work in Australia, the government requests that you apply to get a Tax File Number that can be done online absolutely free! You will be mailed your TFN to your designated address. No need to get worried, if you eventually move on from where you’re staying, which may happen, you can call up at the tax office and retrieve the number through a phone call as long as your application is still processed.

You need an IRD number in New Zealand that will be used as your tax number for the period you will stay in the country. However, this cannot be done online, but the process is pretty simple. Head to a post office around you in New Zealand with your passport and a photocopy of it and obtain your IRD application form. And this is totally free too. Then take it to the post office again, and it will be sent away for you. Finally, the number will be mailed to your address.

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