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Can you Guess Why Indian Students F1 Visa is Denied Under Section 214b?
Posted on: 18 Feb 2017  |   Tags: 214b , F1 Visa Rejection ,

D? ??u kn?w wh? d? so many Indian’s U.S. V??? ?? refused und?r 214(b) potential Immigrant category?

I d?n’t have an answer.  I b?t ??u probably h?v? no ?n?w?r as well. We ??n read, r?v??w ?nd ?n?l?z? ?ll we w?nt from F1 visa interview experiences. But, th? ??tu?l r????n f?r r?j??t??n f?r F1 V??? ?tud?nt? can ?nl? b? described b? v??? officers. Therefore this article will r?l?? wh?t ?n Ex-visa Officer, Annika Schauer wr?t? ?b?ut 214(b) visa r?j??t??n r????n? f?r Indian F1 ?tud?nt? on a Quora thr??d.

R????n? for F1 V??? D?n??l under 214b

It isn’t th?t hard t? get a v???. H?v?ng w?rk?d ?t a number of consulates ?nd ?mb?????? ?nd ???u?d visas ?n a numb?r of countries (primarily Ind??), I’ve n?t???d th? following:

Wh?l? ??nd?d?t?? from ?th?r ??untr??? ?l?? apply f?r visa, th? numb?r ?f ???l???nt? fr?m Ind?? ?l?n? is far gr??t?r than ?th?r?. S?m?t?m?? b? a f??t?r ?f 10, ?v?n 100, ?nd even 1000 ?t times.

V??? ???l???nt? (?ut??d? ?f Ind??) h?v? a t?nd?n?? to t? ??lf-??l??t, ?? ?nl? a ??rt??n ??l?b?r of ???l???nt ?????r? for a v???.

In ?th?r words, ????l? only ???l? ?f they think ?t’? very l?k?l? th?? w?ll r????v? a v???. A??l???nt? t?nd t? b? better ?du??t?d, m?r? traveled, higher income, ?nd m?r? settled in their ??untr? of origin.

For ??m? r????n, a mu?h br??d?r ?r??? ???t??n ?f Indians applies for v????. Y?u ?r? likely t? see all sorts ?f Indian applicants.

Wh?l? ??u’ll have th? extremely w?ll-?u?l?f??d ???l???nt?; you’ll ?l?? on th? other hand w?tn??? hundreds ?f ??ung ?dult ???l???nt? wh?, ?lth?ugh fun?t??n?ll? illiterate and unable t? ??? f?r a U.S. ?du??t??n, have nonetheless ???l??d f?r ?n F-1 v??? t? ?n obscure liberal ?rt? ??ll?g? th?? know nothing ?b?ut, to th? ?xt?nt th?t th?? d?n’t know wh?t U.S. ?t?t? it ?? ?n.

An?th?r noticeable th?ng ?? that ?mb?????? and consulates outside ?f Ind?? ???l? ?v?n stringent scrutiny t? v??? ???l???nt?, but th? ?v?r?ll ?u?l?f???t??n? of applicants tend to b? higher, because th? ???l???nt? th?m??lv?? ?nl? request a v??? wh?n they ?r? r????n?bl? sure of ???u?n??.

S? the ?b?v? r????n? ?r? ??m?l? th? ?n?w?r t? why Ind??n Students F1 V??? is d?n??d und?r S??t??n 214b.

In 2015, ?b?v? 300 students ?r ?? w?r? denied entry ?nt? the U.S ?t?ll ?n th?? b????. Th?? ?h?uld h?v? ?nd should ??und a clear message t? those Ind??n? who ?r? d????r?t? ?f g?tt?ng ?nt? th? U.S through th? F-1 visa t? attend v?gu? ??h??l?.

In ?dd?t??n, th?r?’? n? r????n wh? someone should ??nt?nu?u?l? b? ?tt?nd?ng an F1 ?nt?rv??w f?r ?v?r 2, 3 ?r 4 times ?ft?r 214(b) d?n??l, w?th?ut b??n ?bl? t? decipher wh? he/she w?? rejected. If th? r????n ??nn?t b? d????h?r?d, th?n h?w can be f?x?d. Th? result ?f ?u?h can only b? m?r? rejections.

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