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Canada is now emerging as one of the most favored destination for immigrants who are looking west words for permanent relocation seeking greener pastures. Even US citizen now seems to keen to relocating to Canada. Few Weeks back CIC website crashed when a large number of US citizens were checking the ways to Migrate to Canada. USA has been traditionally been a favorite and preferred destination for many .But recent happening ,even with US citizen are seeking Immigration to Canada makes one to think if Canada may soon overtake US in attracting Immigrants.

Both Canada & USA acknowledge the fact their nations were built by Immigrants. But it is Canada who is more receptive and adopts them. The Canadian Immigration process is simpler and faster than that of US. It is transparent, smooth and uncomplicated. It is also economically beneficial and aimed at welcoming the immigrants as future citizens.

Canada also acknowledges the fact it is staring at a huge human resource crunch on account of retiring population from productive areas and a declining population growth rate and needs immigrants to refurbish the availability of Skilled Human resources and also to take care of its future generation.

American Green Card in generally takes a minimum of 7 years to achieve and probably another 7 years to become citizens. Whereas one can apply for Canadian Permanent Residency directly and can obtain it in less than a year .It would take another 3 years to become a Citizen.

With more than 700 occupations in demand in which the Canadian economy is facing an acute Skill Shortage, in 2014 and 2015 more than 252000 people were welcomed ad Permanent Residents. In a recent announcement CIC has announced that for 2016 and 2017, 305000 would be given Permanent Residency under its various Immigration programs under Economic, Family reunification, Humanitarian streams etc.,

Professionals from across the board are eligible for Canadian Permanent Residency. Professionals from IT, Engineering, Research, Natural Sciences, Business Development, Health Care, Education, Support Services, Logistics to name a few can aspire and get a Canadian Permanent Residency.

The stringent US Immigration system makes more and more of illegal immigrants. Many of the people from Afro Asian Nations who are feeling their countries fearing persecution are branded as illegal immigrants when they landed in USA. Their presence is resented and is shunned. In fact George Bush in the past and Donald Trump today have made it such a big political issue and are hostile ,which makes even American unsettled.

But Canada responds in a humane manner and adopts them giving them a legal status. Recent Canadian adoption 25000 Syrian refugees in just over a few weeks demonstrate that Canada open heart treatment of Immigrants.

More over if one seeks to make USA as a destination for Migration Canada is the safest route since both are signatories to NAFTA.

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