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Express Entry Intake - "Right Time to Apply"

Hi All,

For those aspiring candidates who seek an opportunity in Canada and who are eager to surpass the current express entry program under the 300-380 comprehensive ranking system , this is the ideal time for applicants to start processing towards their Canadian dream.


It is said that profiles which fall under the 400 points criteria is being picked by employers and in accordance, interviews are being scheduled and are moving towards getting an ITA(Invitation to Apply). This current plan has made many aspiring candidates discontinue their process and has stopped them for making the initial attempt of applying for the Canadian Express Entry Program.

However, it is not the end of the road for those pending applicants who are falling under the 300-380 criteria as we have received first hand information from our renowned sources (Registered ICCRC Agents) stating that applicants that are falling under the 300-380 criteria would be visible to employers in the coming months and interview calls would follow with immense force as "Skilled Professional Demands" are building on  daily basis.

As per our perspective and research, all this while 300-380 application were not visible to employers as the authorities gave importance  to cases to which the applicant holds an offer letter in hand, Applications falling under the 400 Criteria (CRS) and Applications that have good IELTS (International English Language Testing System) scores, where given preference, however during this process employers have realized that the salary demands of these applications are on a very high scale and certain employers are not in the possession  of accommodating such demands, Hence they have considered taking in 300-380 applications and have requested the authorities to make such cases visible in order to recruit and fulfill there required positions.

The tentative date is not certain , but it is happening soon and the certainty of it happening is very high, hence as a suggestion (conveyed by the ICCRC Agents) for aspiring applicants to start their process with immediate effect and be a part of the pooling system , so that when the profiles are visible to employers , you stand a very good chance to get recruited.

Also, provinces are not following the Express Entry Program  and have opened their gates for  Skilled Candidates to be a part of their province and make a difference , however the file would only be picked from the pooling System.

Likewise an applicant has two options now to apply, instead of just backing out and missing an opportunity that was always a dream.

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