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How can I overcome 214 (b) denial for US f1 visa?

Getting a U.S f1 visa is not as complicated as you had probably thought. The following is required of you to overcome denial of the 214(b) visa.

1. You are required to prove that you will still love your country and you will surely return to serve her loyally after your studies elsewhere; in this case in the U.S. Of course just saying the words out eloquently to the authorities isn’t going to buy you the visa, neither is it capable of convincing them. But presenting a superbly prepared plan that shows just how you intend to serve your country when you return after your degree in the U.S can do the trick.

2. At the interview, you’ve got to be different from others. About a hundred other candidates are interviewed on a daily basis, so to stand a better chance of gaining the visa you’ve got to be a little bit different from others. Let your answers depict your personality, don’t always make them too general. When you’re asked to talk about your plans after school, your voice should vibrate a little with excitement.

3. You’ve got to be innovative and ingenious. Provide answers and ideas that will convince the consular or any other official on desk that after your education you’ve got great plans for your country, but do not invent a target that is seemingly impractical to pull off. For instance, when one was asked how he intended to serve his country after his studies, he said he was going to work with Nestle first to gain quality experience then he would open a food company that will supply the citizens in his country with clean and fresh vegetable. He was rejected because the officials never believe he would be able to start off a company. Before his next shot, he took a closer examination of his environment and noticed that there were several unhealthy and unclean food items sold in every store and market around which could have fatal effects on the health of the residents of the area. With this little significant discovery, all he told the officials was that he would open a store that will sell and promote the sale of clean and fresh organic food in the country starting from one of the biggest cities in his country of origin. His proposal was successful, and he was issued the Visa.

So it crucial to conceive an idea that is feasible and one you’re probably interested in, an idea or proposal about something you want to change. If the authorities see in your idea or project the sheer passion you have to serve your country, they will be convinced, and you’re sure to win the Visa. Because they believe a citizen who loves his country and is eager to do something valuable for the community where he lives in will always find way back to his country.

Feel free to leave a question or comment. And if you need a fitting answer or idea for your interview, I will be glad to help you with that. Indicate the field you major in and I will get to you.

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