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How can I show US visa officer my intention to return home?
Posted on: 31 Mar 2017  |   Tags: 214 B , Ties , will you come back to India ,

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I seem to always answer questions with analogies. Here are 2.

Cart/horse. When I was a visa officer, I tried to figure out what was motivating my F-1 applicants. Is their desire for some specific educational opportunity, such as a more-respected degree from a better school, pulling them towards the USA? Or is their desire to live in the USA pulling their school plans (I’m 20; what ELSE can I do in the USA? I’ll go as a student of whatever, and later I can figure out how to live there forever)?

Bank loan. What would I have to show you to persuade you to loan me a substantial sum of money? Here is my bank statement, here is an employment letter, can I have your money now, please? Not so fast, you would say. Do I believe these documents? Do I believe this total stranger when he assures me he would never, never, break a promise? You would want sufficient credible information to back up the substance of my financial claims, but you would also look deep in my eyes, think about how your last 100 loans worked out, and make a decision based on the intangibles, too.

Good luck.

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