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How to apply for a Police Clearance Certificate for a Passport or Visa?

I h?d t? apply f?r th? P?l??? Cl??r?n?? Certificate (PCC) ?f r???nt, ?nd I w?? ?h??k?d by the lack ?f associated ?nf?rm?t??n ?n this ?nl?n?, d????t? the f??t th?t ?t ?? an essential th?ng, w?th?ut wh??h ??u ??nn?t g?t a passport ?nd some ??untr??? d?n’t ???u? a v???.

In th?? ???t I w?ll share m? experience ?nd ??v?r ?v?r?th?ng I d??lt w?th ?nd found ?ut about the ?r?????.

Wh?n do ??u n??d a PCC?

Y?u require a PCC wh?n ??u are applying for a ??????rt ?r wh?n ???l??ng f?r visas of specific countries, ?nd ?lth?ugh the wh?l? ?r???dur? for th?? ?? th? same - ?t is n?t precisely th? ??m?. Th?r?f?r?- ??ur ?x??r??n?? m?? b? t?t?ll? not ?u?t? the ??m? ?? th? ?x??r??n?? of someone wh??? situation is a b?t d?ff?r?nt.

Wh? issues you a PCC?

Th? PCC ?? u?u?ll? g?v?n b? th? Regional Passport Off??? of th? ?l??? where ??u l?v?d the l??t ??x m?nth?. Location is ?m??rt?nt in the l?ght ?f the f??t the PCC is a d??um?nt ???u?d b? th? Ministry ?f External Affairs, states wh?r? ?t is ???u?d ?t and many ??untr??? need ??u t? get ?t wh?r? you h?v? lived.

It can be a challenge for people who tr?v?l t? w?rk ?nd h?v? n? ?r??f ?f domicile ?n the place wh?r? they l?v?.

Here ?? a l??t ?f all the d??um?nt? th?t ?r? ?????t?d as ?r??f ?f residence:

If ??u don’t h?v? ?n? ?f th??? d??um?nt?, th?n evidence of ?ddr??? ?n the f?rm ?f a b?nk ?t?t?m?nt ?? your b??t ??t??n.

Y?u can ?h?ng? your ?ddr??? t? th? ?urr?nt ?n? at the b?nk which ?? n?rm?ll? a v?r? simple f?rthr?ght ?r????? ?nd then ask th?m t? ???u? a b?nk statement f?r th? last twelve m?nth?. Y?u h?v? to g? t? the b?nk to get ?t ??n?? th? b?nk ?t?m?? ?nd ??gn this ?t?t?m?nt, and that is wh?t ??rt?f??? ?t. Th? ?t?t?m?nt won’t w?rk f?r ??u, ?f ??u just download ?t ?nl?n?; you mu?t have th? bank ?t?m?.

L?k?w???, keep in mind th?t this ?ught t? b? th? l??t tw?lv? m?nth?, I have not r??d ?n?wh?r? th?t th?? ?h?uld be ??, but th?? insist ?n that ?n?? ??u are at th? m?ddl?. An?th?r interesting aspect ?f this ?? th?t the more things ??u have the b?tt?r ?t ??. If ??u h?v? a rental ?gr??m?nt that ?? not r?g??t?r?d, ??u simply h?v? t? ?h??k and t?k? ?t with ??u ?n?w??. If ??ur ??????rt h?? a l???l ?ddr???, but it is d?ff?r?nt fr?m what you ?r? ???l??ng f?r, t?k? a copy ?f ?t as w?ll, t?k? a copy of ?ll ??ur ?ff????l d??um?nt?, v???? ??u m?? h?v? f?r ?th?r countries, m?rr??g? ??rt?f???t?, ?t?. Alth?ugh these d??um?nt? w?r? n?t m?nt??n?d ?n th? l??t d??um?nt? that can be ?r?v?d?d ?? ?v?d?n??, I b?l??v? th?? ??n b? u??d ?? ?u???rt?ng d??um?nt?t??n and staff there likes to g?t as many ?f th??? documents ?? ?????bl?

Al??, this ?? n?t wr?tt?n ?n?wh?r? ?? w?ll, you n??d to take ??ur actual ??????rt w?th ??u so th?? ??n confirm th?t and ?l?? ?r?v?d? th? ?t?m? on that. Th?? ?? v?r? ?m??rt?nt. S?m?th?ng ?l?? that ??n’t m?nt??n?d ?? th?t ??u h?v? t? wr?t? a l?tt?r saying wh? you n??d a PCC. Th?? ??n b? a simple t???d l?tt?r, or ?v?n a handwritten letter.

Wh?r? d? ??u ???l? for a PCC?

G? t? the P?????rt S?v? website, ?nd m?k? ?n ?????ntm?nt at a d?t? ?nd center suitable to you. I g?t ?n appointment f?r th? n?xt day at Hyderabad, but I’v? h??rd th?t people ??m?t?m?? have t? wait a w??k or so.

After b??k?ng th? ?????ntm?nt, ??t??n exists to join th? SMS service f?r R?. 35. I r?g??t?r?d for it ?nd ???d th? 35 ru???? in cash at th? ??nt?r, ?nd this ?? ?l?? a v?t?l th?ng t? k??? ?n m?nd, ?? you w?ll ??nt?nu? to b? updated ?n ??ur ?t?tu?.

On th? appointment d??, g? with a ?r?nt out ?f the appointment letter t?g?th?r w?th ?th?r letters, ?nd be sure t? be at th? ??nt?r ?t the ?t??ul?t?d t?m?. I've b??n th?r? thr?? t?m??, and I do n?t see any ?dv?nt?g? g?tt?ng th?r? ??rl?. At th? ?t??ul?t?d t?m?, people wh? h?v? appointments f?r th?t ??r??d ?r? asked to create ?rd?r and get a t?k?n ?nd I th?nk ?t is a v?r? simple ?nd ?ff??t?v? w?? t? manage th??r ?u?u?.

Th?r? w?r? thr?? z?n?? – A, B ?nd C ?nd thr?? ?ff???r?. Each ?f th? ?ff???r? w?? ?nv?lv?d ?n th? ?r?????, ?nd th?r? ?? ?n ?l??tr?n?? b??rd th?t tells ??u wh??h counter t? go t? d???nd?ng ?n ??ur token numb?r, and there are ????l? wh? ?r? also escorting people ?r?und th? ??unt?r?.

At th? first counter, th? documents are ?h??k?d, and a f?l? created f?r ??u. They ??k ?u??t??n? ?b?ut wh?t other documents ??u m?? h?v?, ?nd put ?v?r? n??????r? th?ng ?n th?t file.

At th? second counter, th??? d??um?nt? are ???nn?d ?nd u?l??d?d, ?nd also v?r?f???t??n ?f the d?t??l? ??u f?ll?d ?nl?n?. In my own ????, they ??w ?nd ??rr??t?d th? ?rr?r ?n my place of birth. Al??, ??ur f?ng?r?r?nt ?nd ?h?t?gr??h ?? t?k?n ?t th?? counter.

In th? third ??unt?r, th? ?ff???r ??tu?ll? brings u? ??ur information ?n their ??m?ut?r, ?nd ?t tells th?m whether th?r? ?r? ???u?? w?th your ???? ?r n?t. But a ?h?????l ??l??? verification ?? r??u?r?d, ?r if a physical ??l??? v?r?f???t??n ??n’t required altogether.

PCC and PCC St?m?

If a ?h?????l ??l??? v?r?f???t??n ?? n?t n??d?d altogether th?n th?? ??k you t? g? t? a ??unt?r wh?r? th? ?nd?v?du?l t?k?? th? PCC letter and ?ut? the ?t?m?? ?n them. H? puts thr?? ?t?m?? ?n them:

  1. An endorsement with your application numb?r, ?nd a place t? h?nd-wr?t? th? country for wh??h the PCC is being ???u?d.
  2. S???nd ?? a ?t?m? of th? Ministry of Ext?rn?l Affairs.
  3. Th?rd ?? th? ?t?m? ?f the individual ?uth?r?z?d t? g?v? this ?l??r?n??.

Not only d? they stamp th? PCC letter, they ?t?m? a ??g? ?n your passport ?? w?ll.

After these stamps ?r? placed, th? authorized ?nd?v?du?l ?l?? signs the l?tt?r ?? w?ll ?? ??????rt page, ?nd ??u ?r? all ??t.

It is my und?r?t?nd?ng th?t you don’t need ?h?????l ??l??? verification if you h?d a v?r?f???t??n d?n? fr?m th? same place ??rl??r, ?nd ?t d???n’t matter h?w long ago that v?r?f???t??n t??k place ?? l?ng ?? there ?r? no ??l??? records ?b?ut you after that v?r?f???t??n.

Ph?????l P?l??? Verification

If ??u d? n??d a ?h?????l ??l??? verification th?n ??u are given a receipt number, ?nd a d??um?nt to take home.

They ??nd an SMS w?th the n?m? ?nd ?h?n? numb?r ?f th? police officer who w?ll ??m? t? your house t? v?r?f? ??ur details. This SMS u?u?ll? ??m?? th? ??m? or th? n?xt d??, ?nd th? ??l??? officer ??m?? the ?ub???u?nt d??. It is best t? ??ll th? ?ff???r, ?nd g?t a tentative idea ?f wh?n he plans t? v???t ?? ??u can b? ?v??l?bl? ?t h?m? wh?n h? ??m?? th?r?.

On?? ?g??n, keep th? original proof th?t you submitted t? th? ??????rt ?ff??? ready w?th ??u. If ??u gave a ?t?m??d bank statement, g?t ?n?th?r b?nk ?t?t?m?nt ?ut, take a ???? ?f ?ll ??ur documents wh?th?r th?? are listed ?r n?t, ?? well as take a ???? of ??ur ??????rt. He will ask for ?ll of th???. He w?ll ?l?? n??d ??gn?tur?? ?f tw? neighbors so ?n?ur? th?t ??u have two n??ghb?r? who ?r? willing t? sign ?? a witness, ?n? two w?ll do, even fr?m th? ??m? h?u??.

H?w l?ng d??? ?t t?k? to g?t PCC after th? v?r?f???t??n?

Th?? ?? ?n?th?r ?m??rt?nt thing to k??? in mind — ?f ??u’v? been l?v?ng ?n your current ??t? f?r l??? than a ???r th?n the v?r?f???t??n takes tw? to thr?? weeks, but ?f ??u h?v? been l?v?ng ?n th? ??t? for m?r? than a ???r th?n the verification ?? d?n? th? n?xt week ?nd th?n tw? ?r thr?? d??? after that ??u ??n g? t? th? P?????rt S?v? Kendra ?nd g?t your ??????rt ?t?m??d ?nd PCC l?tt?r issued.

This ?nf?rm?t??n does n?t ?x??t ?n?wh?r? ?nd it ??n’t ?v?n very clear t? m? fr?m wh??h form this ?nf?rm?t??n is ?bt??n?d, but the d??um?nt th?t th? ??l??? officer ?bt??n? fr?m th? passport ?ff??? ?n?l???? th??, so ?n?ur? ????ng attention t? this when filling th? f?rm?.

Th?t'? ?ll I'v? l??rn?d ?b?ut the ?r?????, and th?ugh I really th?nk the ?r????? ?? ?? mu?h b?tt?r th?n a d???d? ?g?, no place h?? a clear ?x?l?n?t??n, ?? ??u ??n b? ?r???r?d f?r ?t. I h??? th?? ???t is g??ng t? help th??? wh? ?r? g??ng t? ???l? f?r a PCC, and ?f ??u h?v? any questions or ?n?th?ng t? ?dd t? th??, ?l???? l??v? a comment.

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