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How to demonstrate ties to home nation during visa interview?

There are various steps involved to apply for US visas, Initially, an online application should be filed. Then, the applicant should schedule the visa interviews and then appear for visa interviews. They also required to go through medical test. They should also provide many documents and set up their eligibility for non immigrant visas.

How to demonstrate ties to home nation during visa interview

Along with application filings and submission of supporting documents, they require to set up that they would come back to their home nations before expiry of their visas. They require showing evidence that they would not reside back in the US even after their visas expires. Only if they show this, they would be granted non immigrant visas.

Visa applicants should show that they had sturdy ties in their home nations during their interview for non immigrant visa. They also require to show that they cannot reside in the US and that they has convincing motive for returning to their home nations.

This is due to the visas that are granted are temporary visas and not permanent visas similar to immigrant visas. Individuals who hold provisional visa such as B2 tourist visa or F 1 student visas, could reside in the US only for a limited period of time. Holders of B2 visa could travel to the US for tourism purpose but they cannot work or study in the US. Similarly, F-1 visas are granted to foreign students and they had to come back to their home nation after they had finished their courses in the US.

So the foreigners who visit the US on provisional visas should utilize those visas only for the use those visas are made for. It is compulsory for the applicants of non immigrant visas to set up that they would come back to their home nation prior expiry of their temporary visas.

They also require to demonstrate that as a reason many visit the US as non immigrants and then reside illegally on their visas. They believe that it is easier to enter in the US as non immigrants and then become permanent residents of the US. They are unable to understand the reality that they would become unlawful immigrants if they stay even after they visas expires and they would be extradited for violating the immigration laws of the country.

International students could set up that they will return to their home countries by illustrating how courses they concluded in the US will help them in their home nations. They could clarify how the courses they had learned will assist them in starting their business or get good jobs in their nations.

Applicants could give data about their parents and inform the interviewer that they require to take care of their parents and that they cannot reside in the US permanently. Applicants could utilize their documents, accounts, assets for proving that they would not stay unlawfully on their visas.

Individuals who got family businesses in their home nations could convince the consular by saying that they require to get back to their nations for taking care of their businesses. Employment offers and reference letters from earlier employers also could be utilized for proving that they would not abandon their home nations and make the US their permanent residence.

Evidence of relationship between applicants and their dependents such as spouse, kids, fiancés of the applicant could be submitted to set up that applicant has their dear ones in their home nation and they cannot leave them in their nations and reside in the US. Applicants should bring along the documents for interview and set up that they got reasons for returning back to their native places.

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