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How To Plan A Working Holiday In Australia


Australia is indeed a place several people would love to be. Beautiful beaches, rolling hills and an abundant collection of wildlife. The following tips would help you plan a wonderful holiday in the country.

Before taking any step, you need to ensure that you are eligible for a vacation visa. The necessary requirements are as follows (updated on 22nd January 2014)

  • Must be between the ages of 18-30 during time of arrival to Australia
  • Must not travel with children who are dependent on you
  • Must live in an eligible country

If you will be given a visa, then the major issues have been resolved. All you need to do is to apply for it.

Applying for a visa is very easy anyone could do it! You only have to go online, fill in your data, make the payment and you are ready to go! However, you will need to wait for a short time for an email confirmation.  When this is done, you are qualified to get in.

**You should always book your flight before time because when you apply for the visa, you are going to be asked for an arrival date.


It is interesting to know that booking a flight reassures you of your trip more than your visa does. This is because you will be given a date which can help you keep tabs on your travelling date and especially because of the price.

Cheap flights are not so difficult to find. You can always be sure to pay less at STA Travel.  Use Skyscanner for the best price comparison first.

You may be pondering over which airline would be best for you, then consider it this way; different options have their different degree of comfort and luxury, and of course they come with their various costs and each of them are representing their different flight company. If you need an airline with little comfort but with a cheaper rate, then try using Malaysia Airlines, if you need an airline with better comfort then got the option of using any one of the top dogs in the area, Singapore Airlines or the Emirates Airlines. These days, one does not need to be in a business class to enjoy comfort since the majority of the companies provide about all the things you will need.

Some months are better to book flights than others, like months where the companies have made a great sale. However, you should try to be flexible with your dates. You can strike an excellent deal on a regular mid-week offer

More useful tips:

A lot of people always forget to unlock their cell phones before travelling overseas and soon discover that their phones refuse new sim cards. It’s quite a quick and easy process to unlock your cell phones. It will cost about £15-20 to get it dine at the nearest phone shop. Please do note that when you open your phone, it discards any warranty the manufacturer of the phone offered.

The required travel documents include:

  1. CV/Resume
  2. Travel Insurance details
  3. Visa verification (this will be emailed to you once your visa is authenticated.

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