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I just received my Permanent residency, Canada. Will i able to get the government subsidized education facilities for my children?


Your ?n?w?r ?? simply yes. Why? B???u?? when ??u ?tt??n?d the ??rm?n?nt r???d?nt status, you ?r? ?l?g?bl? t? ?nj?? ??v?r?l ??m? r?ght? ?nd ?r?v?l?g?? ?? a ??t?z?n of C?n?d?.

L??t?d b?l?w ?r? some of the r?ght? wh??h you ?r? ?nt?tl?d t?:

–   You ?r? eligible t? the ??m? tr??tm?nt and same ?r?t??t??n.

–   Y?u ?r? ?l?g?bl? t? ??m? l?g?l r?ght?, ?n?lud?ng to b? ???um? ?nn???nt unt?l otherwise ?r?v?n guilty

–   T? b? g?v?n a l?ngu?g? tr?n?l?t?r  ?n ??urtr??m; if required to h?v? a lawyer

–   You h?v? th? privilege ?f entering and leaving C?n?d? ?? ??u d??m ?t f?t, ?n addition t? b??ng ?bl? to m?v? without restrictions fr?m province to ?r?v?n??.

–   You h?v? th? r?ght t? work ?nd ?tud? wh?r?v?r you ?r?f?r in C?n?d? (however, you ?r? not entitled t? hold ??m? high-security government positions).

Th??? b?n?f?t? ?n?lud?, but ?r? n?t l?m?t?d t?, the f?ll?w?ng:

C?n?d? Ch?ld T?x Benefit (CCTB) - Th? C?n?d??n government ?ff?r? monthly tax-free ???m?nt to families with ?h?ldr?n und?r 18 years, who ?r? considered as h?v?ng a l?w ?n??m?. Th?? ?? to h?l? ??v?r their expenses

Old Ag? S??ur?t?, Guaranteed Income Su??l?m?nt, ?nd C?n?d? P?n???n Plan – E??h ?f the thr?? ?f these ?r?j??t? ?? ?nt?nd?d t? g?v? f?n?n???l ?u???rt t? w?rk?r? ?ft?r they ??h??v? r?t?r?m?nt age – ?? of now age 65. T? b? qualified, ??u need to m??t ??rt??ul?r r???d?n?? ?r?r??u???t?? and t? h?v? ?dd?d t? the system b? ????ng t?x?? ?n C?n?d?. N?v?rth?l???, m??t ??rm?n?nt residents w?ll m??t ?ll r??u?r?m?nt? f?r ?t l???t ??rt??l ???m?nt? from these projects.

Un?v?r??l h??lth care –.S?v?r?l m?d???l costs are ???ur?d thr?ugh th? C?n?d??n un?v?r??l h??lth ??r? ?r?gr?m. These costs ?n??r??r?t? visits t? emergency r??m, inoculations, yearly ?x?m?, etc.

Free ?du??t??n – th? C?n?d??n government provides fr?? ?du??t??n t? ?h?ldr?n b?l?w the ?g? ?f 18 ?n public ??h??l ???t?m.

M?t?rn?t? ?nd ??r?nt?l l??v? – Th? C?n?d??n government g?v?? t?m? off t? w?rk?ng parents when they d?l?v?r a n?wb?rn b?b? ?r ?d??t?d. Women are ?nt?tl?d up to 12 months m?t?rn?t? leave and ?t?ll r????v? 50 to 65% ?f their normal ?n??m?. Also, ??rt??ll? paid ??r?nt?l leave ?? ???????bl? for up t? 35 weeks. A parent ?? ?nt?tl?d to grabbing th? 35 w??k? ?r b?th ??r?nt? ??n share th? 35 w??k?(?n? for 20 w??k? and the ?th?r f?r 15 weeks). T? be qualified f?r ??r?nt?l leave, you are r??u?r?d to w?rk ?n C?n?d? f?r a ??r??d of not l??? th?n 600 h?ur?.

Th? above b?n?f?t? and ??v?r?l ?th?r? are ?v??l?bl? to ??u wh?n ??u attain the ??rm?n?nt r???d?nt ?t?tu? ?n Canada.

Furth?rm?r?, ??u h?v? th? ????rtun?t? to b???m? a citizen of C?n?d? being a ??rm?n?nt r???d?nt ?ft?r l?v?ng and working th?r? f?r thr?? ???r?.

When you b???m? a C?n?d??n ??t?z?n, you ?r? eligible t? run ??l?t???l ?ff????, become ??t?v?l? involved ?n ??l?t???l ??t?v?t???, and h?v? the right of v?t?ng ?n ?l??t??n?. Also, you ??n l?k?w??? k??? u? du?l-??t?z?n?h??, so ??u d?n't n??d to ?urr?nd?r ??t?z?n?h?? ?n ??ur country just f?r th? enjoyment of th? b?n?f?t? of C?n?d??n ??t?z?n?h??.

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