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I want to work abroad, why PR?

The idea of a temporary work permit could sound very appealing. Often there is fewer paper works needed and processing times are quicker when compared to application for permanent residency. All of that means, generally speaking, you can go overseas more rapidly.

I want to work abroad, why PR

What individuals often don’t regard as is the provisional and rigid character of a job permit. Actually you are usually issued a closed job permit rather open work permit.

What does this indicate for you?

If issued a closed job permit you will be constrained to work for the similar employer, at the similar position till the employer no longer needs your services or when your job permit expires, whatever comes first.

Or let’s say your employer no longer requires your services then what do you do?

You will have to look for a latest job offer with a latest employer and again apply for latest job permit that may not even be effectively approved.

As an immigration visa specialist I listen to a lot of sad stories of foreign employees that get fired from their employment or their job permit expires and they lose their status and profitable job in the nation. But most significantly to me, is that so many overseas employees are forced depart from their families and don’t get to witness their kids grow up. It is a very noble forfeit to leave your relatives behind for making sure that they have what they require but what if you can do both. Make the income you require to support your family while also having your family with you while you’re doing it.

So what’s the substitute? Apply Permanent Residency.

Being a Permanent Resident means you are able to reside and work abroad with the same freedoms as a citizen. You don’t have to look for employer sponsorship and put forth the extra effort of getting a latest job permit. Moreover, Permanent Residency rights are also issued to your dependent family, which is NOT the case when dealing with temporary job permits.

So why the obsession with work permits? The short answer is, I don’t know.

But an advice, to put forth your valuable time and money in one time investment” permanent residence visa ”.

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