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Immigration - My Thought Process!!

My fascination for "Freedom of Speech and Expression" is a known fact and the recent happenings in the Country left me thinking on the need for Freedom of Speech and the inherent duties that come along with it. Our Constitution is a well thought of document, penned several decades ago giving us the right to speak our mind out. However, our constitution also specifies the duties we are bound by, as a citizen of India. This makes a very interesting topic for argument because people only take what they want (freedom of speech) and leave the rest (duties as a citizen of India) for us to debate. Freedom of Speech is such a wonderful tool that it also limits the power of the Government, to give you that right. However, our Constitution alone cannot guarantee that we will remain free. Freedom requires us, as citizens, to share a loyalty to the basic principles of our Constitution. If that is not done, our freedom is bound to be curtailed. You must be wondering why am I talking about a "off" topic which has no relevance to Immigration. Well, that is the point!!

Immigration - My Thought Process

I start my blogging with a Country that has either been loved or hated, by the world and India, in specific. Yes, I am talking about America. America is a Country with diverse cultures and in fact, Bill Clinton, former President of America had quoted the same stating that Immigration "would erode" the Common Culture of America. Having said that, he said that the people of America need not worry about the same. My opinion differs because we need to look at this from a larger perspective. When you have people from diverse cultures, their belief systems and political stand will differ, making it easier for miscreants to create a chaos and hence, making it only for a powerful government to withstand this and ensure that they can hold these factions as one in the society which literally means their Freedom is curtailed. Having said that, it is these people who slowly allow freedom to be taken away from them and cry foul when the same is done. The comparison is between India and America because India is the largest democracy in the world and America is largest Country that is democratic. In ancient India, it is the foreigners who started occupying the Country in the name of friendship and then looted it left, right and center by curtailing our freedom. Now that is how the cultural differences can change the way you look at freedom. People might wonder that I have got into a Visa blog and am talking on why Immigration should not happen? Not True...

Immigration is the key to understand different cultures of the world and adapt ourselves to the new culture. Yes, the word I used is adapt because it is we, as immigrants who should adapt to a different culture and ideologies, and do not get into the mindset that we should raise our voice based on our thinking and not as per what is right, as per the situation you are in. Immigrants who have adapted themselves to the new culture have made a mark for themselves in different fields in many Countries. Most of the developed nations have survived and are still thriving because of the relentless efforts of the Immigrants settled in those Countries. However, it is my sincere advise that we should use this opportunity to immigrate in the right direction and should not make way to curtail our Freedom including those who have played a part in getting us there. With this, I sign off!! Will come back soon with more!!

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