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The above message was recently given by a very prominent newspaper, The Hindu. It’s not that this publication is an epitome of righteousness in journalism but the message comes out very apt!

When you say something is a crises, it is indeed a crises. You don’t say something is a crises and then make money on that!

If you follow twitter, you can see experiences of so many doctors worldwide who are sharing their daily stories.

1 wrote her entire day somewhat like:

  • Had to tell a 23 year old that we have to give him intubation, and it scared him a lot
  • Had to face time one lady to tell that her 43 year old husband was dying
  • Now I am off to home finally and will get to eat food with my family, thereby putting their lives at risk.

Another story was someone was counselling a doctor whose brother in law just died in her hospital and now her own sister was at home going through severe respiratory problems!

The nurses and doctors after hours of their shifts, when they remove their masks; this is how they look.


You know these are the real crises, the real problems we are in. And how would it feel that if you find people trying to take advantage of these situations?

The crises is making people come out for right issues, donating, giving food, shelter and what not. And these gestures are always taken in right sense. Businesses like Taj (TATA) are giving food to the medical community. Why? Not to promote or say – yay come stay in Taj at a discount. No, a right deed is indeed a right deed. So if you really want to help, you help, you don’t help yourself by playing cheap shots of giving food from the right hand and advertisement of your business from your left one!

But some businesses just don’t catch a breath from taking advantage of anything or everything; no matter what the situation is.

Take in our industry, businesses are giving discounts of 50% and 30% till 1st April 2020 as if it is a bhindi bazaar. I mean there are ‘lockdown discounts’ happening! This is not a pleasure lockdown or a Diwali holiday season going on that okay we will celebrate hence let’s give good discounts and make money on this. It is a pandemic situation going on, which none of us are enjoying, none of us want to be a part of but rather than having a bit of empathy, you are trying to making money out of it?

Does it not make you wonder that the lockdown is a global situation and if you are able to ‘sell’ your ‘services’ (mind the quotes, they have a reason) at 50% now; were you over charging earlier? Or are you not going to provide valuable services now? You don’t find Canada or Australia slashing off their visa fee because of a simple fact that – the pricing is for services which are and were valuable earlier also and hence they remain the same!

Businesses who really mean value for money for their clients, they will provide same quality of services throughout. I mean how working from home will change the value you give to your work except for the fact that your work place has changed? If your applications or process team or whatever jargon are used by all players; are working from home, it is just the place of work which changes; how slash in prices are going to help? Or are you saying that taking advantage of this situation you have vacated whatever 1-2 offices you had and hence will not be available once things go back to normal, so if the janta pays less, it will demand less? Or are you not going to pay your staff? Or are you already so short on staff now that chalo 50% hi de do, chalega.

Many of the people are working from home, do you find difference in their work that businesses can start charging less? All IT employees are working the same they were earlier, no difference at all! Same with other industries. Because essential and valuable services come at a cost and that cost determines the value of service you get!

And actually this is a time to make a double check before you give away your money. Businesses who can come to 50% at this time, there are very high chances that they are trying to just take advantage by hoarding the money whatever and how much they can and may be run away later! I mean if this is not the reason, why would you just do these things? Makes you remember Phir Hera Pheri where Bipasha Basu dupes Akshay Kumar with the promise of doubling the money, before she vanishes!

And don’t even try to put a mask of ‘service’ on this, like a doctor who doesn’t charge his patients if required. Real service is that now Doctors who are retired also are going back to their duties just to service their countries and the ones who are on duty, are tirelessly working. They might not be charging a penny or they might be, nothing wrong but that is the catch – charging or not charging a single penny but yet giving service! Understand if you can! So if these business really want to serve their clients, they should have promised services! IELTS coaching sessions? Their process teams availability? The turnaround times for regular chores? Regular updates on everything happening in immigration? Wo toh koi promise nahi kar raha! Bus reduce the prices and we are good?

If you really want to market or advertise, you do it properly, with empathy, with services and most important with gentry!

You might refer a few of the advertisements below, how the brands are dealing! These are just informative or responsive to the pandemic, you don’t find them taking advantage of 1 pe 1 muft or 10%, 20% etc!

Below Dairy Milk advertising was for UK wherein in solidarity with the elders who live alone, they changed their packaging and just left a single design. The sale of all such products went to a charity!


Coca Cola stopped spending on advertising and diverted their expenses of advertisement to COVID – 19 relief and response efforts!


Major players just stuck to informative advertisements, which actually is the need of the hour.



In the end, in the time of crises, be like the band!


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