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Is it good to leave Dubai and go to Canada?
Posted on: 08 Aug 2017  |   Tags: life in UAE Vs Canada ,

Loy Machedo  Loy Machedo, who lived in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (1982-2016) writes

My aunt and her family lived in UAE for 15 years before migrating to Canada permanently. My family lived in UAE for 50+ years. And I lived in UAE for 40 years before leaving UAE permanently. So I can give you a perspective.

  1. CITIZENSHIP UAE: This is by far the biggest point why people would leave UAE for Canada. You can stay in UAE for 1 year or you can live there for 50 years. However, the day you do not have a work permit/residency visa, you will be thrown out of the country. In fact, this I experienced when after being in the country for nearly 30 years since my childhood, when my visa got cancelled and I re-entered the country - the immigration officer asked me “What is the purpose of your visit to UAE?”. It was then I realized what my value was to the country. You will forever be just a ‘worker’ and second class disposable citizen. CANADA: Fortunately, here Canada scores more points as after a period of time (4 out of 6 years) you become a Canadian Citizen and are given the rights and privileges of being a Citizen.
  2. OLD AGE UAE: This is one massive question you need to ask yourself. After staying in any foreign country for say 30 years, when you head back home - what do you head back to? Who do you know? Who do you recognize? In fact - who wants you back? The sad fact is - after being in UAE for years and years - when you are sent back to the country of your origin - you are unwanted by people. No one wants an old person coming back after he/she has finished enjoying their life. And let this be loud and clear to you - UAE DOESN’T WANT OLD EXPATS. You are a liability. So unless you are rich and can afford to spend money - you have a one way ticket back to your home town. CANADA: Once you stay there, you will be kept there and treated humanely.
  3. CHILDREN’S FUTURE UAE: Education is super expensive and the education is worthless. No company checks even what did you do. In fact, all they are interested in is if you have a degree or not. And given that there is a massive racket of fake degrees (check footnotes) in the UAE where you can get your fake degree legalized through the loopholes, the majority do that to keep their jobs secure in the UAE. CANADA: Canadian Education is much better, better regulated and recognized with lots of skills and opportunities if you learn in Canada.
  4. DIGNITY OF LABOUR UAE: If you have more money, a big position, a big car and a big salary - you are respected. If you are working for a small salary and a small position, you are treated like a slave. In fact, you are not allowed to even call an Arab Rich man by his name. Only “Sir” is permitted in many places. And if a rich man sits down with you during the break - it is considered an honor or his generosity. CANADA: Even the CEO will sit down with you and eat. Everyone is equal. There is no such thing as “Sir” or such titles.
  5. IF YOU LOSE YOUR JOB UAE: You and your family are given 30 days to leave the country. And if you do not leave or you have any pending loans, you will be jailed until you have cleared everything. CANADA: They will support you and offer you options.
  6. LIFESTYLE UAE: Easy to get credit cards, loans, auto-loans, mortgage loans and that is why everyone is busy showing off and living far beyond their means. CANADA: Not at all easy to get such facilities until and unless you prove your credit worth
  7. STARTUP UAE: You can easily get a job in UAE if you have the right contacts along with a fixed income that can help you survive. And if you have a god-father, you can get a high-paying job and no one can question you. (Been there and done that) CANADA: It is exceptionally hard to find jobs in the beginning. The only jobs you will be given chances to work are either security guard, accountant, fork-lift driver, waiter or flipping burgers at a Fastfood joint.
  8. 1st 5 YEARS versus LAST FEW YEARS UAE: Very easy compared to Canada however gets harder and harder as life goes along because of new competition, over-supply of manpower CANADA: Very difficult initially but gets easier and easier as time passes by.
  9. TAXES UAE: They claim no taxes but everything in Dubai, UAE is super expensive. And once you get used to its lifestyle - it is more or less like paying tax. There is absolutely no control on the Rent or charges that a landlord can levy on you. CANADA: Fixed and structured system
  10. RESPECT UAE: If you are an Arab Local Muslim or Western passport holder, you are given more respect and more privileges. If you are from the East and have an Asian passport, you are treated like garbage. Even in jails there is preferential treatment CANADA: Everyone is equal. Even if there is racism, it is not so prevalent and definitely not explicit like the UAE.
  11. FUTURE PROSPECTS UAE: If you are rich and loaded, yes, you can remain in UAE. If not, there is none for you and your family CANADA: Once you stay there, they will take care of you and support you.
  12. LAWS & REGULATIONS UAE: Follows Sharia Laws. And some of them may not even make sense to a normal person. For instance, if you are a woman and you get gang raped - you as a woman will be jailed for sex outside marriage. Stoning to death for adultery is also practiced in certain emirates. And it is alleged that if you are pregnant outside wedlock, you are jailed until the baby is born and then the baby is taken away from you and given to a Muslim Orphanage to be given to a Muslim Couple. I know this because my friend who used to live in UAE and worked as a Doctor for a government hospital did this. (Cannot mention his name and the emirate) CANADA: International Laws & Human Rights are followed
  13. RACISM UAE: Corporate Racism is explicit and in your face. An Arab Local will get paid 5 to 10 times more than an Asian for the same job with same qualifications. A White Skin Western Passport holder (British/US Passport holder) will get paid 3 to 5 times more than an Asian passport holder for the same job. Everyone knows about this. But you cannot talk about it openly. In fact most of the jobs the Asian Manager gets paid lesser than the Arab Local Muslim Intern. CANADA: Everyone is Equal.
  14. RELIGION UAE: Islam is the major religion. You are not allowed to convert from Islam to any other religion or you are jailed. But you can convert from any non-Muslim religion to Islam. And though other religions are permitted, Israel and Jews are banned from entering. CANADA: Everyone is treated equally.
  15. FREEDOM UAE: Freedom is limited to whatever the monarchy states. There is no such thing as ‘Freedom of Speech’. CANADA: True freedom as per International Rules & Human Rights
  16. HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION UAE: UAE has many Human Rights Violation Problems CANADA: None.
  17. CRIME & JAIL UAE: You can easily get jailed even a local Arab Muslim puts a legal case on you. The default rule is - you are guilty until proven innocent. There is a hierarchy of nationalities that is considered here. (Check footnotes) CANADA: Everyone is equal in the eyes of the law.
  18. EDUCATION UAE: Overpriced, Not recognized & many a times run by Fake Institutes & Unethical Business Owners. However for the Local Arabs and the ones run by Rich Institutes - Really good. CANADA: Internationally recognized education.
  19. HEALTH UAE: Overpriced, Unethical practices & Lack of accountability. Almost all the pregnancies are cesarian as the doctors help the hospitals make more money that way. Doctors in many institutions are told to over-charge patients and give them compulsory tests which are not required and recommended. It is more of a business in UAE. Which is why majority of the UAE Arab Locals themselves go to India or overseas to get their treatments done. CANADA: Affordable and supported by the government.
  20. CLIMATE UAE: Very hot and dry during summers reaching up to 50 degrees heat. While during winters very cool. CANADA: Snow and Cold mostly during the entire year round range of -25 degrees to 35 degrees.
  21. FAST OR SLOW LIFE? UAE: Superfast City that never sleeps. Even at 4 am, expect luxury cars and vehicles to be racing, clubs to be open and people to be partying late into the early morning. CANADA: Very laid back, quiet, peaceful. However, in the cities it may be a bit different
  22. GETTING THERE UAE: As long as you have money or a job or employment - it is a breeze to go and stay there. CANADA: Not easy. You need to qualify in terms of their points system.

BOTTOMLINE UAE - If you are looking to make easy money and get out, UAE is the place for you. However, given how many people and expats keep coming to the UAE per day, it is becoming impossibly hard for people to take advantage of the system like they used to. However, once you are in - you will quickly climb through the ranks. But if you get caught up in the spending and show-off lifestyle, you will end up with nothing and most probably be sent back to your country with nothing. Or worse - end up in jail. The sad fact is for those who have stayed in UAE and gotten used to its environment - there is no future for them anywhere. Don’t get me wrong - UAE is not bad but you have to play the game the way they want you to play. And you can easily make money if you are smart and know the loopholes and have contacts.

CANADA is the ideal place if you are looking for a future, if you are looking for international laws, rights and yes, most importantly - a future. Because once you become a citizen - they will treat you like their own. It is a place you can call home.


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