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Kal Aaj Aur Kal
Posted on: 21 Mar 2016  |   Tags: Europe , Travel Abroad ,

"Hamaare zamaane mein" or "yeh tab ki baat hai", such references are always given by elders of families to their kids. Parents always share instances and anecdote of their times to make their children understand and re-live their times. A common talk between me & my father has always been movies. He will always share how an actor styled or how in his time a particular actor was or what his uniqueness was which made him a star. My today's love for movies is because of all the Saturday night old movies I have seen with my father on Doordarshan. Once while watching a famous movie of one of my favorite actors, Dev Anand, my father said, "Dev Anand ne hi foreign locations promote ki". It was during the melodious song "Phoolon ke rang se" from the movie Prem Pujari that my father gave this statement. The song was shot in Switzerland. Dev Anand was first shown in a Swiss train and then walking on streets. The entire song had happy European faces and bright smiles captured in Indian camera. That was the first time probably that any Indian song was shot in a foreign location. The beauty of Switzerland was actually & rightly captured in that song; with the people smiling; all later versions of Switzerland captured ever in movies have shown only the beauty of alps not of people. These and many such instances are which depict the 'firsts' of India or world at various levels. Like how first time an Indian movie was shot abroad or how Hollywood came to India or how first Indian got job in NASA or even an individual's first trip abroad. There were many anecdote which were worth sharing because the phrase 'it's a small world' was just a phrase then, but today it actually has become small. Now it is so easy to go or get lost anywhere that no uniqueness is left for any experience. If somebody says to a friend, "dude I'm planning to go for hiking in Costa Rica" the most probable response instead of "wow" will be "yeah it's a good place, I went for my honeymoon there 2 years back. Don't forget to see the whitewaters of Rio Toro". So, there's nothing new left to explore or do which can be termed as unique or a first timer. With so many travel options and packages in place, children at very young age have experienced world. I see my Facebook friends take a family trip with their 1 year old child to Singapore or the destination wedding is planned in Mauritius. Basically, what is left next which a person will desire? Everything is so easy and common that probably there will be no anecdote left for our generation to share with our next generation. Where should the world expand now that we can have something which can be termed "never done" or "never seen"?

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