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Large Numbers of Foreign Students are Studying in the US Universities

US allows overseas foreign graduates at its universities, mainly those in pursuing education in the STEM (STEM subjects means–science, engineering , technology and mathematics) related subjects to stay in the US for creating jobs, improve and innovate international competitiveness of the US.

Large numbers of foreign students are studying in the US universities

Large number of students from across the globe migrates to the US to pursue education in one of the US top research universities.  Almost all around the globe you will find the aspirational family imagining of seeing their kids gets educated in an US university. Correctly renowned as channel to success. The foreign immigrant graduate students are hard working, driven and competitive leading to further innovations.

It was revealed that around 25.6% of the applications which are listed for overseas citizens staying in the US are inventors.

Immigrants are key part of US history and present entrepreneurial and business success. Around 51% of latest  startups that are based in the US  are started by the immigrants.  Additionally, around 70% of these firms were led by product developers or senior managers who arrive from overseas.

in the universities of the US, the government and private generosity participates in the education of students through research assistantships.  Students studying in the US Universities are making a meaningful contribution.

Many Asian and European countries are seeking to get the leading talent of the US to their nations. Country like the China offers bonuses of around $1,50,000 to increased skilled, US trained entrepreneur who begins a business there in the US. The government of Chile provides $40,000 free office space, visa through its startup program of Chile. Spain presently created a latest overseas entrepreneur visa for attracting additional bright minds.

There are around 1,88,000 foreign graduate students presently in the US, who would graduate with STEM advanced degree. To increase the intellectual and financial development, the US needs to embrace overseas students. The solution is easy, in six months of completion of graduation all the foreign masters and PhD students from STEM related fields must be entitled to get a green card. during the six months of time, it would permit  for entire background checking and would also permits the students to  secure a job  or start a startup.

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