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Online Reviews! WTFantastic Business Opportunity!
Posted on: 18 Jul 2017  |   Tags: ,

Nobody can beat a corrupt business mind or a business idea in my opinion and the conversation I had with a lady, who called to a consultant as a client from VFB...(Used short form). Since she was talking to one of the experienced consultants, the consultant realised that there is something fishy about this call and reported it to me. I took over the call to speak to the lady. She introduced me to her company and said, she can help me by removing all the negative comments my company has online and named me a few forums where these negative comments are mentioned. She briefed me about a couple of packages which included: 1. Removing all the negative comments from all the websites which is called cleaning. 2. To clean the negative reviews and write some positive comments, through their content writers and ensure our company listing comes on the first or second page. For a moment I was blank and then I asked her, "So you mean to say, that I take up your commercials and you would ensure to clean up all the negative comments from all the websites and also ensure the you will be writing good articles about us to boost up the traffic on our websites." She replied: "Yes Ma'am" I questioned her,"Why do you think, I should not doubt that you have written all the negative comments about my business, so that you can call me about your commercial??? Or lets say if  I control my over smart brain and assume the situation of my clients, when they go online to check on the reviews of any company to get an idea about the company's existence or review, you mean to say that they will be able to see good about those companies who has taken your commercials and bad about those companies who has not taken your commercials. Is that right??" Surprisingly she said, "YES"! "That's my dear is the fate of companies these days" I said to the group of my consultants who were astonished to the call I have taken. One of them said, "We put so much efforts to explain clients about our services and about the things we process and these companies will decide what we look like online, based upon the package we decide to take from them" "Online reviews posting and reading, both have become a FASHION these days"... is what I used to tell myself until this lady has helped me understand that its not just a fashion but is a BUSINESS. I agree not for all or not by all. But yes there are mediators who can manipulate things according to the commercials they receive. Although I am against taking a penny based commercials from such companies. I wonder about those innocent clients who rely so much on these online reviews or feedback. They do not even know that this can also be a business technique.. So eventually the company with negative reviews should be a more genuine one as they do not take commercials from the third party sources to clean-up as the lady said, the negative reviews from online forum which might or might not have been put by the genuine client but these companies, so that they might create a platform for their BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY.

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