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Which is the best place to live in, or relocate to, or go for a study? If you have these questions racing through your mind continue to read on.   PLANNING TO MOVE ABROAD Before choosing a country you should first ask yourself:

  • The nature of the goals and expectations you have for your overseas experience.
  • Are you interested in employment, university study, volunteer work, or a starting point for more extensive regional travel?
  • Would you like to immerse yourself in the local culture, or settle abroad and open a business?
For a successful stay abroad it is highly preferable to match your destination with your personal interests and your professional or educational goals. Financial factors should not be your only consideration, but they should certainly not be left out. Regardless of whether your plan is to study, volunteer, or work abroad, the economic condition of your destination country is an important consideration.
  • If an overseas job is your main objective, research where your job skills are most in demand and then obtain information about employment opportunities in the destination country.
  • If you are a student, contact an exchange program either sponsored by your university or offered through a reputable student exchange organization and find out which countries are offered for study abroad..
To narrow your choice of countries it is useful to consider the countries that already interest you, or where you have enjoyed a vacation. Ideally, you will desire to live in a destination offering the intangible sense that it is where you belong, a place you can call home, and where you will be happy long-term. Having friends or family abroad may be another reason for you to favor one country over another. In this way you are already somewhat familiar with the culture, language, and people. Proximity to your home country may also be important if you need to return home on a regular basis in order to tend to business or visit family. Traveling long distances is more expensive, more exhausting, and more time consuming. “Your future can be changed by one decision. One good thing can offset a mountain of bad. But you need to choose.” ? Jennifer Probst, If you have finally listed a few countries, continue your research until you narrow down to your dream destination. If you are still confused look for Immigration or Visa consultant who can help you. However point to be noted that an agent or consultant can assist you with the process but let them not decide where you want to relocate or study.

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