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Quebec Skilled Workers Processing Times

Th? Quebec Sk?ll?d Worker Program O??r?t??n Pr??????ng D?t?? are aligned with the newest ?nf?rm?t??n ?v??l?bl? fr?m th? C?n?d??n Imm?gr?t??n Auth?r?t???.

The ???l???t??n? ?f these ?r??????ng t?m?? are ?nl? at th? federal ??rt ?f th? ?r??????ng (at th? ?ff??? f?r visas) ?mm?d??t?l? th? ??m?l?t?d application for ??rm?n?nt r???d?n?? h?? been ??ll??t?d. It d??? n?t ??n???t ?f th? ??r??d ?f t?m? ?t takes f?r the province ?f Quebec t? process th? C?rt?f???t de ?él??t??n du Québ?? (CSQ).

Th? tool for ?r??????ng t?m??

Th? Canadian g?v?rnm?nt recently ?h?ng?d the way immigration ?r??????ng t?m?? are r?l????d. M?k? u?? ?f ?ur tool f?r th? C?n?d??n ?mm?gr?t??n ?r??????ng t?m?? t? g?t th? n?w??t u?d?t?? on th? ?r??????ng t?m?? for the Quebec ?k?ll?d w?rk?r.

V?r??t??n? f?r 2016

Th? m?th?d ?n wh??h the C?n?d??n ?mm?gr?t??n ?r??????ng dates ?r? released b? th? Canadian g?v?rnm?nt ?h?ng?d ?? ?f J?nu?r?, 2016. The ?r??????ng t?m?? ?r? currently not released ??r visa ?ff???; ?n?t??d, th?? are r?l????d based on wh?n th? ???l???t??n w?? ?ubm?tt?d

Th? Qu?b?? ?k?ll?d worker ?r??????ng t?m? (?nl? federal stage): 13 months


Th? Visa Off????

Below ?? a list ?f th? visa ?ff???? wh?r? Qu?b?? skilled worker program ???l???t??n ??n b? ?r??????d.

For America
Kingston, J?m????
Guatemala C?t?, Gu?t?m?l?
Bu?n?? Aires, Argentina
L?m?, Peru
H?v?n?, Cub? B?g?t?, C?l?mb??
Mexico C?t?, M?x???
Los Ang?l??, Un?t?d St?t??
New Y?rk C?t?, Un?t?d St?t??
Ott?w? (C??? Pr??????ng C?nt?r), Canada
P?rt ?f Spain, Tr?n?d?d ?nd T?b?g?
Port-au-Prince, H??t?
S?nt? D?m?ng?, D?m?n???n R??ubl??
S?? P?ul?, Br?z?l
Santiago, Ch?l?
For Afr??? and th? M?ddl? E??t
C??r?, Eg??t
Abu Dh?b?, United Ar?b Emirates
A??r?, Gh?n?
B??rut, L?b?n?n
Ank?r?, Turkey
Amm?n, Jordan
D?k?r, Senegal
Pr?t?r??, South Afr???
N??r?b?, K?n??
Rabat, Morocco
T?l Av?v, Israel
For A??? ?nd th? P???f??
H?ng K?ng, China
B??j?ng, China
Colombo, Sri L?nk?
I?l?m?b?d, P?k??t?n
Manila, Ph?l????n??
S?dn??, Au?tr?l??
N?w D?lh?, Ind??
Singapore, Singapore
For Europe
K??v, Ukraine
Bu?h?r??t, R?m?n??
M????w, Ru????
London, United K?ngd?m
Paris, France
W?r??w, P?l?nd
V??nn?, Au?tr??
R?m?, It?l?


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