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Reasons why Express Entry application getting bounced for incompleteness

From 1st January last year, the potential immigrants should apply through Canada Express Entry. It is a management system of application intakes in which the IRCC controls the application intake by needing applicants be granted an invitation to apply for Canada PR prior they could file their applications.

Five Reasons why an application for Express Entry might get bounced for incompleteness

The intention of Express Entry is to reduce the processing time. At the time of its launch, IRCC had told that it is going to process the applications for PR in six months of time.

After a year, IRCC has published its report, in that its has revealed that IRCC was processing the PR in six months of time, but it also reveals that there were many rejections due to incompleteness.

With the Express Entry, it cannot be said that any applicant whose PR application has been denied for incompleteness would be granted another ITA. So, till IRCC adopts much better flexible approach of handling the technical glitches in the applications. It is very important that the applicants check their PR applications meet entire IRCC needs.

Five Reasons why IRCC bounces application for Express Entry

There are various reasons why applications might be incomplete, and they are as follows:

1. Initially, unless presently the IRCC needed the PR applicants give police certificate from entire nations they had resided for over six months after they had turn 18 years of age. IRCC has now modified this need so that the applicants had to give police certificates from wherever they had resided for six months or further. IRCC did not mention which nations applicants required to get police certificates from.

2. Second most general reason that IRCC bounces the applications also includes police certificates. it is not possible to get police certificate from such nations during two months of window that the applicants had to submit their applications. When it happens, IRCC needs that applicants give evidence that they had requested a police certificate from the nation and that they give explanations of efforts that shows that they request for police certificates quickly after getting their ITA. If any applicant does only one of these, then IRCC would bounce their application.

3. The website of Canada Express Entry website don’t permit applicants view what they had uploaded. Applicants must make sure that they are uploading the proper PDFs.

4. It is very important that the applicants of Express Entry should monitor their accounts of MyCIC to make sure that they don’t miss any time limit. IRCC often needs that the applicant give latest documents and forms in a week of requesting, and these short deadlines are missed by many applicants.

5. There is exception of giving every single document needed in the checklist of Express Entry, until an applicant is 100% sure that they qualify for exception. They should give entire requested documents.

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