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One of the salient reasons why International students leave their country for a foreign country to study is to attain their dreams and aspiration. However, achieving a legitimate status that guarantees to work and accessing numerous benefits that citizens enjoy there, is difficult.

Several failed attempts at getting this valid status in foreign countries by some people who desire to get there have made them resort to being illegal immigrant. The result of this is that such immigrants may not be able to have a job there, and they are also exposed to the dangers of being apprehended and ousted almost at all times.


Having a Green card is the US in something significant as it guarantees every benefit a legitimate citizen has, excluding the right of voting and being voted for. Your green card which gives you permanent residency in the country makes you eligible to work at wherever, receive school grants, and scholarships, etc. however, regardless of your Green card, some terrible violations can get you expelled.

Having come into the country through legal ways as a foreign student, you have the right of changing your student’s visa to a holder of a Green Card through several ways. However, illegal immigrants to the US have no such right.

This article shall do well to expose some of the means with which you can change your student’s visa to a green card in the US.

Job Sponsorship

After graduating, you may be lucky to get a job, and the company you work for may decide to support you for a Green card. However, it becomes harder if natives are in search of jobs and the country as well is experiencing economic difficulties. The good news is that it is not entirely impossible. To achieve that, your workplace in a bid to prove that you as a foreigner is more qualified than an American citizen will have to complete immigration forms to show proof. It will be possible to get the visa if there available US citizens who are qualified and are willing to get fixed for the job. However, if you have an aptitude in some demanding skilled areas with fewer Americans, your chances of being endorsed for the Green card are high.

Although demanding skills vary with time, there is a high probability of getting a Green card via employment sponsorship if you are an expert in some Scientific, Engineering and Health disciplines.

It might be less demanding for your organization to support you if they apply for the "National Interest Waiver". This is the place to show that your employment will add to the interest of the Nation. Though this is often treated on an individual premise, yet past effective applicants have shown that their confirmation will enhance the US economy, enhance wages and working conditions for US laborers, enhance training, lodging, wellbeing or national security.


If based in the US on grounds of a foreign student and you are willing to risk your life should a civil war or a political unrest happens in your country home, you may be qualified for political asylum. However, since there are laws overseeing seekers of asylum and numerous criteria to make one fit, it is compulsory to consult an immigration lawyer for counsel on the status of your eligibility before you apply.

There are several cases where numerous people applied on their own but later realize that they were not qualified for asylum and experience issues getting the Green Card. This is on the ground that the migration office now knows your goal to end up a foreigner. Never forget that your visit to America was for an academic pursuit with the thought that you will be back to your homeland on graduation.

Another important thing to consider before applying for the asylum is to get the services of a reputable lawyer even though it may be expensive.

Getting Married to US citizen or permanent Resident

The least demanding approach to get a green card is to wed a US citizen. Your spouse will then support you for a Green card a relative. Although this method seems the easiest, dangers are associated with it.

The criteria are to ensure that your marriage is real and not for subtle means of just the green card. As a result, the immigration department will request for proof of a genuine marriage when filing the green card documents.

Questions you may be asked are: if you stay together, how you came across each other, if you have cozy information about yourselves, if you have offspring, if the US citizen's family knows about the foreign spouse and other information to show you are genuinely married. Although most American parents do not approve of their children wedding a foreigner as a result of issues bothering the green card, if you, however, show that your love for their daughter or son is genuine, most parent will give a nod for it.

You will be issued a temporary green card for two years if your application is granted. At the expiration of the temporal green card, you will be issued a permanent green card if your marriage is still intact. You will have to demonstrate that you were genuinely married and that things went out of hand if your wedding doesn’t last the two years before you are issued the permanent green card or else, you will not have it. Endeavor to seek the services of a good lawyer in all cases bothering immigration.

Green Card Lottery

Another way of getting the Green Card is through Electronic Diversity Visa lottery which is often held annually. The application period spans from October – November.

Going by the name, the lottery is no guarantee to be won, though you can still try. The least requirement is that the applicant must be a high school graduate. Countries with many immigrants into the US are qualified for it.

Military Service

Enlisting to function in the US Military, whether Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines or National Guard is another approach to get a Green card for foreign Students. Although there is a catch 22 rule that forbids you from joining the Military if you don’t have a work approval or green card, this article shall reveal how you can have your way around it.

If you have been in the US for two years, you may be qualified to the Military even though you don’t a green card if you have specialty in some high demand areas of specialization sought by the Military. Such vocations are nurses, doctors, psychologists, etc.

Also on graduation, if you have your Optional Practical Training (OPT) work permit, which guarantees your eligibility of working anywhere, it therefore, means that you can work in the military. To understand the eligibility criteria the more, seek the services of a military recruiter.

Even if you gain entry into the military, that does not automatically gives you a green card as you must have too seek the services of lawyer to get it.

Sponsorship by a US Citizen Parent or child

One seeming improbable way of getting a Green Card as an International student is the support by a US citizen parent or child. This is most unlikely because your parent and/or children are based in your homeland. This method seems more difficult because sponsors must be 18 years at minimum and because most students are young, it will be difficult to see them have adult children.

However if you are fortunate to have an international student whose parent or child is willing, they can get you sponsored for a green card.

Sponsorship by a business owning relative

This is another approach to getting a green card. It involves being sponsored by a relative to come and work for them if they have a substantial business in the US. This approach also has guidelines as such it is advisable to consult a reputable lawyer.

Word of Advice

Seek the services of a reputable immigration lawyer to guide you through the steps when trying to get a Green card. Getting a lawyer may be expensive but they worth it to save you from failure and other issues.

Another point is to be crime free when you are in the US because perpetuating any crime that may get into the police records will bar you from getting the green card.

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