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Start – Continue - Keep Moving - Repeat!
Posted on: 16 Apr 2020  |   Tags: ,

How to start? Many a times you have the idea or the concept but, but you don’t how or where to start? Like I have an idea for this write up but I didn’t know how to start and hence this. In writing you can term it as writer’s block, in other creative fields it’s termed as creative block; basically you lack inspiration to hold on to something so you can start. So I think in immigration it is more or less lack of a proper push; may be a ‘dhakka block’; yeah there I termed it.

Like the new block considered for Canada PR is the inability to get transcripts due to operational halts in all services; worldwide. It is considered that you cannot apply for transcripts and hence obviously can’t go ahead with the PR procedure for Canada; thereby ‘pushing’ people to halt the immigration process.

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Actually honestly it’s really confusing the way a human mind can get motivated or may be demotivated to do or not do something. I mean when the climate activists had proposed to halt down industries or some economic activities; mind it not the entire world; everybody said it is next to impossible. Like you can’t you can’t you can’t afford it. But a virus enters, again mind it in the same century; and everything gets stand still. This lockdown showed you can live without malls, or without lavish outings or may be even without things you considered indispensable for you but you are still living and you will continue to live, even if this continues. Because there is a reason the humans are considered higher than the other species - they can adjust and evolve.

So you are adjusting right now, baking the cake without the cherries on top, making pizza without the seasoning, making panipuri without the multiple flavours you might get otherwise (chronology samajh rahe hain aap, the cooking and baking trend started like this on social media, I am just waiting for the next dish in line) but you are still doing that. Adjusting but trying everything to make the most out of this; that is actually the motivation because that allows you to flaunt and get a mention.

And this is how every business is adjusting. Work from homes, Zoom meetings, Google Duo calls; technology has given lot of options to people to stay at a place and still be productive. And this might sound like a news, but universities also are adapting to technology.

There are many universities which follow an online procedure to apply for transcripts. You just need to apply as per their procedure, pay the fee and you are done. Then there are others who have this procedure semi-online i.e. you have to visit university for later part of the process. But again, like specified, universities are tech-savvy and you never know your university might also be the one.

Venkat, a documentation expert of Care Taking India, states that though the physical procedure for applying transcripts is on a halt, there is no restriction in applying online. ‘If your university has an online facility for transcripts procedure, you should definitely go ahead and apply’; says Venkat.

‘Like visa process, if you ensure you have applied transcripts; depending on your university norms, you will get advantage when the lockdown opens and universities will pick applications to issue transcripts. If you have option but you apply later, then the chances of getting transcripts further delay’; he further adds.

Venkat gave details of some of the universities which give provision to apply online for transcripts.

  • Osmania University
  • JNTU
  • Delhi University
  • Sikkim Manipal University
  • Guru Nanak Dev University
  • Manipal Academy
  • Pune University
  • Geetam University

The procedure can be entirely online like Guru Nanak Dev University or can be semi – online; like Pune University; basically varies for each university.

So if you have an option to apply for transcripts online, then why not be ready with the token to get your transcripts as soon as you are allowed to go out in open? If your university is following online procedure, what can be the better ‘push’ to start with the PR formalities?

Don’t let this time go away just because you are not sure when you can get transcripts or other documents. If you start, you will continue; else it’s just a dream which you could have made a reality; if only you had removed your block!

And take it from somebody who started this write-up with a block, if the block is not removed in time; it becomes you!     

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