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  • Posted on : 31 Mar 2016   
    The craze for US has always been high for everyone; especially Indians. That's why H1B is always a favorite category for Indians and Indian firms. US also has been very lavish in issuing H1B visa to Indians due to which every 3rd IT professional will hold an H1B visa. But looks like this relationsh....Read More
  • Posted on : 21 Jun 2016   
    I and my college senior, Vamsi boarded an RTC bus in Secunderabad which was going to Koti. The heavy traffic and rush in Hyderabad are as usual. Vamsi is my senior in college; a good friend of mine who is a talkative person, with a good sense of humor. When the crowd decreased when we reached Naray....Read More
  • Posted on : 23 Jun 2016   
    I have been a die-hard Fan of THE SRK since childhood and watching his movies was the best time for me, no matter what kind of a movie it is, all that would matter to me is, if it is a SRK movie or not… I know a lot of people do not like him and it's fine, everybody has their own choice. Every tim....Read More
  • Posted on : 01 Jul 2016   
    If Hugh Grant applied for an Australian Visa, what will his visa approval letter say? Well nothing special, it’ll still be called a Grant Notice. Okay a sane, an insane and a Dane were escaping going to a mental asylum. When they were caught, why did the mental asylum take the Dane a....Read More
  • Posted on : 02 Jul 2016   
    Imagine there's no countries It isn't hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion, too Imagine all the people Living life in peace John Lennon This song always made me wonder, Why are we broken into countries? Why do we fight for our boundaries? Recently, when my friends and I were ....Read More

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