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  • Posted on : 17 Mar 2016   
    The Canadian province of Nova Scotia has been granted an additional 300 spaces for its Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP), bringing the total annual allocation cap for the NSNP to 1,350. The News follows extensive lobbying of the federal government by the government of Nova Scotia. “I get it,....Read More
  • Posted on : 31 Mar 2016   
    There is always a lot of chaos about USA H1b visa and about 6-7 lakhs applications on an average are been filed on a yearly basis of which approximately 65000 applications are been picked up through a lottery system, so it’s all about luck which plays an important role and not the profile that one....Read More
  • Posted on : 31 Mar 2016   
    So people keep asking about why apply a Permanent Residency rather than find a job and then apply permanent residency? Well it's simple, you don’t take a bus after going some where you wanted to go, you take a bus to go to somewhere you wanted to go. Let's assume that I am the employer in CANAD....Read More
  • Posted on : 04 Apr 2016   
    Most of my friends keep telling me that they have a good job and earn good enough but still something is missing in life.  The need to earn more money makes them work for 12-14 hours, sometimes on weekends and even after earning a handsome amount the standard of living does not improve. They say l....Read More
  • Posted on : 26 May 2016   
    Will you start cooking after you start feeling hungry, and if it takes 1 hr for you to cook. or will you start 1 hr earlier? Similarly, if you start the process after you think you are ready, or after you identify the perfect job in jobs bank it will take you about 1-2 months to get into the pool t....Read More

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