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  • Posted on : 18 Mar 2016   
    My fascination for "Freedom of Speech and Expression" is a known fact and the recent happenings in the Country left me thinking on the need for Freedom of Speech and the inherent duties that come along with it. Our Constitution is a well thought of document, penned several decades ago giving us the ....Read More
  • Posted on : 19 Mar 2016   
    Well it's Indo Pak match night and the enthusiasm for a typical Indian-Pakistan one day is like always on the top. A typical Indo Pak match will have me and my brother enjoying the match with all the curses and loud shouts boosting team India but this time it's not the same; though we are in s....Read More
  • Posted on : 28 Mar 2016   
    Humans are one of the species which have the capability to stay alone but still we tend to feel nice when we have someone with us. The habitat of other species is made in a way that they are supposed to be together for survival hence they will always be found in groups or herd; irrespective of the....Read More
  • Posted on : 13 Apr 2016   
    Internet is supposed to ease our connectivity to the world, give us option to have ready information for reference and make everything on cloud rather than maintaining paperwork. When internet came nobody would have thought that it would take a dominant position in our lives. Connectivity would mean....Read More

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