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  • Posted on : 21 Mar 2016   
    Canada is now emerging as one of the most favored destination for immigrants who are looking west words for permanent relocation seeking greener pastures. Even US citizen now seems to keen to relocating to Canada. Few Weeks back CIC website crashed when a large number of US citizens were checking ....Read More
  • Posted on : 31 Mar 2016   
    The craze for US has always been high for everyone; especially Indians. That's why H1B is always a favorite category for Indians and Indian firms. US also has been very lavish in issuing H1B visa to Indians due to which every 3rd IT professional will hold an H1B visa. But looks like this relationsh....Read More
  • Posted on : 09 Apr 2016   
    Ha ha looks like India has decided to patch up with US on the whole H1B visa issue, which was making much hue & cry since some time now. No matter how much Indians disagreed on the increase in H1B visa fee hike or US made strong statements about curbing immigration; still the largest number of a....Read More
  • Posted on : 30 Apr 2016   
    Adjustment of Status for Immediate Relatives on B1/B2 Visitor Visas I came ?nt? th? country ?n a B1/B2 v???t?r v???, is it possible t? have my ?t?tu? ?dju?t?d? This question h?? b??n v?r? ??mm?n ?nd h?? also been a great deal ?f misperception between ?mm?gr?t??n ?x??rt?, USCIS ?ff????l?, ?nd C?n?ul....Read More
  • Posted on : 26 Jul 2016   
    Most people often  get confused with “permanent resident” and “U.S. citizen”. Of course, both have the right to live in the United States legally without any issues. Who is permanent resident and benefits? A permanent resident has been granted  the right, to live in the United States p....Read More

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