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  • Posted on : 31 Mar 2016   
    The craze for US has always been high for everyone; especially Indians. That's why H1B is always a favorite category for Indians and Indian firms. US also has been very lavish in issuing H1B visa to Indians due to which every 3rd IT professional will hold an H1B visa. But looks like this relationsh....Read More
  • Posted on : 16 Apr 2016   
    There are various steps involved to apply for US visas, Initially, an online application should be filed. Then, the applicant should schedule the visa interviews and then appear for visa interviews. They also required to go through medical test. They should also provide many documents and set up the....Read More
  • Posted on : 19 Apr 2016   
    All the potential immigrants with H1B visas in the United States can work in the United States for six years continuously. The H1B visa is a dual intent visa; the applicant can apply for the permanent residency without losing their working rights. It is their discretion whether to apply for the perm....Read More
  • Posted on : 22 Apr 2016   
    Well, migrating to a country like Canada or USA, has always been my dream too and it is still!! Every success story I witness, my aspiration of moving to Canada or USA, gets even more stronger and with the kind of Success list I am seeing in the recent past, I am more keen on applying to one of thes....Read More
  • Posted on : 28 Apr 2016   
    Introduction to H-1B visa US H-1B visa is a non immigrant temporary work visa that allows overseas citizens to visit the US and performed services in professional occupation. The work should be in specialty occupation that requires a minimum of bachelor degree qualification for entering in this fie....Read More

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