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The JABRA FAN Club Visa Well it's Indo Pak match night and the enthusiasm for a typical Indian-Pakistan one day is like always on the top. A typical Indo Pak match will have me and my brother enjoying the match with all the curses and loud shouts boosting team India but this time it's not the same; though we are in same city but still. So as they say you think the most constructive when you are alone, it is in one of my such lonely moments, watching 1st wicket of Pakistan fall down while I sip my lime juice I got this idea that immigration is becoming very boring everyday with same categories and I come up with this concept of a FAN Visa. As SRK's song is popular so I could give it a filmy or say contemporary name - The JABRA FAN CLUB VISA. Why only a person who has minimum 3 years experience or has 15 years education etc should be considered to be allowed the privilege of an overseas life? Yeah yeah they will contribute to the country's economy by working there but come on we all know it is not 100% white on paper that everyone who gets a visa actually goes there or everyone who actually go there actually contribute towards the country's economy. Everyone has a cheat code and people use the same when they immigrate too. So the point is why the countries are not innovating their visa categories? What if they had a FAN CLUB Visa category? What if some cricket team's or soccer team's or an actor's or a singer's biggest fan was allowed to settle in a country just because he/she was considered as a JABRA FAN (okay okay a skilled fan I mean)? I remember every time Sachin played there was always one of his biggest fan waiving flag in his hand. Written India on his forehead, TENDULKAR on his chest with 10 below the same with Indian flag painted on his bare body; this man was shown in every match till Tendulkar played actively. Do you know his name? No not everyone will know. His name was Sudhir Kumar Gautam. He used to park his bicycle at Sourav Ganguly's house and got his match tickets from Sachin Tendulkar. This is THE POWER of a FAN. So the point is what if countries had a category for this. They had a point based system that proves you are a fan and you can be allowed to come and settle in the country. May be become the PR or advisor of your favorite actor because a true fan can always tell where his/her idol failed earlier or what and what doesn't suit him or her. What if there really was such a category? Not an easy entry obviously but yes the normal checks like in any immigration or say an additional bonus for being a biggest fan of Hugh Grant and for UK visa application you can claim 5 extra points. Not that Hugh Grant is going to sponsor you or something but just to ease things up; say just a lighter note to the otherwise very strict & stringent immigration rules. Or may be Messi's biggest fan can be allowed to visit every country and see his matches Live. I mean there can be Fan category for anything. May be Mark Zuckerberg can become Narendra Modi's biggest Fan; considering their much talked about meet last year (pun unintended). I really hope immigration & visa categories become a bit fun to work for. Then I can apply for Johnny Depp & Robert Downy Jr. and if you talk about characters then Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes, Chandler Bing, Thor, Hulk, Minions; well I think I will have many options to apply. Until then Indo Pak on TV it is. 1 more down for Pakistan; go India go!

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