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There is always a lot of chaos about USA H1b visa and about 6-7 lakhs applications on an average are been filed on a yearly basis of which approximately 65000 applications are been picked up through a lottery system, so it’s all about luck which plays an important role and not the profile that one holds. Sometimes its noticed that a profile under qualified when compared to others in the pool also gets picked up, just because of that one LUCK factor. And after all this trail what a person gets is a Work permit to USA with a mandate of having an employment sponsorship without which a person cannot  stay in USA unless the H1b is immediately transferred to some consulting company, which again vary every year. Though Government of USA has declared that spouse on H4 can work, precisely as per the immigration rules, spouse cannot work unless the Green card application is filed and till they get Form 140, for which again the dependency is totally on the employer sponsoring the candidate. 90% of the candidates applying for USA H1b visa, and also getting through aren’t able to totally make fullest of it, since apart from working in USA with a dollar salary, there is nothing beneficial when compared to other Immigration programs which gives a lot of benefit to applicants. Few of the draw backs of H1b visa can be mentioned as, spouse though experienced has to take a break from his/her career until the green card is filed and Form 140 is obtained, all the expenses pertaining to children’s education and medicals are to be borne by the H1b holder themselves.

US H1B Visa VS Canada Immigration

Instead, Canadian Immigration whose Government and Economy closely resembles US Economy, is a 5 years Permanent Residency visa which allows an individual to settle in Canada along with the family. On a Permanent Residency visa an individual and his entire family would get benefits like Free Education for Children in Public Schools of Canada, Health Insurance Benefits from the Government to the entire family, Spouse can work from the day one so they do not have to take a break from their careers as such, A PR holder can sponsor family and friends to apply for the visa as well, It’s an open work visa which allows an individual to switch between employers, PR allows an individual to apply for a Citizenship post 4 yrs of stay in the country post which one is free to move into USA and 25+ countries without applying for any visa and most importantly the visa is not based on a lottery system which leaves an individual in a dicey or a nail biting situation on the results, it is instead a eligibility based application where in only those individuals who get qualified as per the points based criteria can apply for the visa and get picked up from the pool.

Canada has been inviting professionals from throughout the world to apply for the Permanent Residency visa based on the eligibility criteria and  some thousands of applications are getting picked up and are making its successful way to Canada. Profiles in the demand list are from IT, Engineering, Healthcare, Sales and Marketing, BFSI, Education and others tend to have a huge demand in Canada, however the easiest way to get into the country and avail maximum benefits along with a job opportunity.

The current Express Entry System of Canadian Visa Application processing has been the most soughted procedures of Canadian Immigration so far.  The comprehensive ranking system followed under Express Entry procedure which is calculated on the basis on Age, Qualification, Work experience and English Language, provides an opportunity for an application with better ranking to get picked up first. CIC schedules draws every fortnight and starting Jan’2015 until now 30 draws for invite have been scheduled successfully but IRCC and an approximate of 1000-1500 candidates from the pool where sent the invites to apply for further application process through CIC.

With the latest updates made by the Immigration Minister of Canada, this year they have announced to extend the application quota for Express Entry and relaxations to be made in the points cut off criteria for the futuristic draws to happen. There has also been a huge response from provinces like Ontario, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, British Columbia, Prince Edward Islands etc.. for the applicants applying under the provincial nominations criteria. Besides availing a job offer letter with LMIA approval, provincial nominations has got more promising results for individuals to get an invite from the Express Entry Pool.

The count is still on and a lot of applicants are getting successful in obtaining the Permanent Residency visa to Canada with a very minimal investment and faster processing time.

Hence when compared to USA H1b visa, Canada PR would provide an individual major benefits like an opportunity for both primary applicant and spouse to work and earn in dollars, switch between employers without depending on a consulting firm, and social benefits from the Government of Canada.

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