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The craze for US has always been high for everyone; especially Indians. That's why H1B is always a favorite category for Indians and Indian firms. US also has been very lavish in issuing H1B visa to Indians due to which every 3rd IT professional will hold an H1B visa. But looks like this relationship is undergoing some turmoil nowadays.

US-H1b visa

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump vowing to scrap H1B category has raised eyebrows of many Indian IT companies and diaspora in US. India has approached to World Trade Organization (WTO) to raise visa issues while many Indians settled in US are taking reigns in their hands to change the system. It is expected that increase in H1B & L1 visa fee will further hamper the interest Indians have in US and also US seems to have shown a cold shoulder to India by introducing these policies.

Among all this, US Citizen & Immigration Services (USCIS) has predicted that it'll receive more than 65000 petitions during the first five days of the programme for fiscal year 2017. Many Indians are ready to file the day it opens. US firms too have kept multiple petitions ready to ensure their candidate gets picked in the lottery. This all on & off situation of India & US where on one hand both are locking horns on this issue while on other hand the craze for each other is same; reminds me of typical situation between Rachel & Ross when they were on a break. Looks like India & US are also on a break and the world is witnessing these crazy attempts from both sides to seek attention. Let's see where this break season takes these both countries.

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