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What can you do after your UK visit visa is refused?

In ?r?v??u? years, intending immigrants t? UK wh? w?r? refused v??? had ??t??n? t? consider against th??r r?j??t??n. H?w?v?r, ?h?ng?? in the l?w have wh?ttl?d d?wn th??? options t? a ??m?l?t? n?w ???l???t??n w?th ?dd?t??n?l conditions ?nd d?n? ?w?? w?th Entry Clearance Manager’s (ECM) review. L?m?t?d right ?f appeal b???d ?n human right also exist but ?t ??n ?nl? invoked wh?n ?l??m? to hum?n r?ght h?v? b??n m?d? m?nt??n ?n ??ur application ?nd rejected b? th? decision m?k?r.

Entr? Clearance M?n?g?r Review

B?f?r? 2015, applicants ??uld r??u??t a r?v??w ?f th? r?fu??l ?f th? visa ?t th? ??n?ul?r ?ff???. Th? review w?? generally considered by an Entr? Cl??r?n?? Manager (ECM) who had th? ?uth?r?t? to review the decision ?f the Entry Clearance Off???r (ECO) f?r r????n? r?l?t?d t? l?w ?r f??t. However, th? basis f?r th? r??u??t f?r review was l?m?t?d. T? ??h??v? th??, th? applicant mu?t prove th?t th? ECO m?d? a m??t?k? of l?w or fact, ?r m???nt?r?r?t?d the rul?? ?n ?mm?gr?t??n.

Th?r?f?r?, ?f the ECO rejected ??ur ???l???t??n on the basis th?t ??u h?d f??l?d to make ?v??l?bl? ??t??f??t?r? ?v?d?n?? to ?h?w th?t ??u w?ll be ?uff????ntl? sustained ?n th? UK b???u?? your bank b?l?n?? showed a b?l?n?? of GHC 6,000.00 when ?n r??l?t? th? said balance was £6000.00, ??u ??uld ???l? t? th? ECM to r?v??w th? judgm?nt ?f the ECO ?n gr?und? ?f a factual error.

Alth?ugh th?? option had a limited ?????, ?t was quite ?n effective and cheap r?m?d? wh??h involved th? payment ?f n? visa f??. If the ECM was ??nv?n??d that a ???? had b??n ?ubm?tt?d for a review th?? will ?nf?rm the ???l???nt to ?ubm?t th??r ??????rt for a visa to b? issued. Unfortunately, this remedy died ?n April, 2015 ?nd is n? l?ng?r ?v??l?bl? ?g??n?t refusal ?f th? v???.


Th? ?nl? ?v??l?bl? ?h???? (??v? a l?m?t?d r?ght of appeal ?g??n?t a hum?n r?ght? ?l??m) ?g??n?t a refusal ?f v???t visa ?? t? submit a n?w ???l???t??n. Y?u will b? r??u?r?d to complete a n?w ???l???t??n f?rm ?nd ??? the ???l???bl? v??? fee. B?f?r? A?r?l, 2015 you ??uld m?k? a r????l???t??n without th? need to ?r?v? or ?v?r??m? ?n? b???? condition; th?ugh ??u had to ?r?v? th? gr?und? u??n which you d???gr??d w?th the ??rl??r decision.

N?v?rth?l??? ??n?? A?r?l 2015, your N?t??? ?f R?fu??l w?ll definitely ?nf?rm you th?t ??ur reapplication w?ll probably be refused ?x???t ??u ?r? able t? ??t?bl??h a ??gn?f???nt change in your ??r??n?l ??r?um?t?n??? or ??u provide convincing n?w ?v?d?n?? w?th ??ur ???l???t??n.

(?) Significant change ?n ??r??n?l ??r?um?t?n???

To b? ?u?????ful ?n th? new ???l???t??n ??u mu?t ?r?v? th?t th?r? has been a significant ?h?ng? in your personal ??r?um?t?n??? from th? previous application. Imm?gr?t??n rules ?r? ?nt?r?r?t?d b? ?nd?v?du?l ??r?um?t?n??? ?n?lud?ng, but n?t l?m?t?d to, th? ?r?d?b?l?t? of ??ur v???t, ??ur f?m?l?, social and economic b??kgr?und, th? history ?f ?r?v??u? immigration, and personal t??? t? ??ur home country.

In ?rd?r t? ???k a r????l???t??n on th? gr?und? ?f a ?h?ng? ?n ??ur ??r??n?l ??r?um?t?n??? m?? not b? ?dv???bl? ?f you w??h t? r????l? straightway ?ft?r ??ur r?j??t??n. Th? ?d?? ?? th?t since your ??r??n?l ??r?um?t?n??? ??nn?t change overnight and th?t th?r? h?? t? b? a r????n?bl? t?m? b?tw??n th? t?m? ?f ??ur refusal ?nd ??ur n?xt ???l???t??n. Wh?t ?? a r????n?bl? t?m? ?? ?u?t? r?l?t?v? and m?? be d???nd?nt on th? circumstances ?f ???h application. In our ???n??n, a ??r??d ?f ??x m?nth? ?r m?r? may be sufficient t?m? to justify a ?h?ng? ?n ??ur ??r??n?l ??r?um?t?n???.

(??) Compelling new ?v?d?n??

Th? ????nd ?t?g? ?? t? m?k? a new application t? g?v? new ??nv?n??ng evidence ?f ??ur next ???l???t??n.

R?gr?tt?bl?, Imm?gr?t??n Rul?? h?? no clear d?f?n?t??n of “compelling new evidence” or ?n? ?ubl??h?d guidance for reference ?f ?u?h. However, we ??n??d?r evidence t? be ??m??ll?ng ?f ?t w?? obtainable ?r had b??n ??n??d?r?d b? th? d??????n maker at the t?m? ?f ??ur ???l???t??n th?t ??uld have l?d th? decision m?k?r to r???h a d?ff?r?nt conclusion.

Alth?ugh n?w evidence m?? in a number ?f ????? b? d??um?nt?r?, th?? m?? n?t ?lw??? b? so. Therefore, your ?v?d?n?? m?? b? ??m??ll?ng ?f you ?r? able t? establish th?t th? d??????n maker m?d? ?n ?rr?r ?f law ?r f??t or m???nt?r?r?t?d th? Immigration Rules. You m?? ??t?bl??h th?? by your arguments without n??????r?l? providing documentary ?v?d?n?? ?n support.

Th?r? ?? n? t?m? limit f?r wh??h you m?? m?k? a r????l???t??n ?f ??u have ??m??ll?ng new evidence. Th?? m?? b? done ?t any t?m? ?ft?r ??ur refusal ?r?v?d?d you ?r? ?bl? to ??t?bl??h th?t ??ur ?v?d?n?? is compelling enough to ?ff??t th? ?r?v??u? d??????n.


Ch?ng?? ?n th? l?w have ??r??u?l? ?ff??t?d the ??lut??n? th?t previously existed ?g??n?t a refusal ?f v???t v???.  Th?r?f?r?, it is advisable t? ?r???r? a g??d application t? ?n?r???? your l?k?l?h??d? of being gr?nt?d th? visa th? first t?m? ?n?t??d ?f expending valuable time ?nd resources on a reapplication after a r?fu??l wh??h m?? ?v?ntu?ll? turn out t? be a wild g???? ?h???.

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