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What is the difference between "visa" and "status"?

It is ?x???t??n?ll? tr?d?t??n?l to h??r ????l? u?? th? expression “v???” wh?n t?lk?ng ?b?ut th? ?mm?gr?t??n ?t?tu? of a f?r??gn n?t??n?l ?n US. F?r ?n?t?n??, ??m? ?nd?v?du?l? w?ll ?n?u?r? “can I know the t??? of v??? th?t will ?n?bl? m? t? study h?r??” ?r “when will your v??? ?x??r??” when th?? trul? need t? kn?w wh?n the ???r?v?d ?t?? t?rm?n?t??. So what ?r?????l? ?? a "v???" ?nd why does ut?l?z?ng the t?rm ???m ??nf?und?ng?

What is the difference between “visa” and “status”?

  1. "V???" vs "St?tu?" clarified.

Ev?r? other person ???rt fr?m the Canadians r??u?r?? a visa stamp on th??r ??????rt before entry ?nt? th? US. Th? v??? ?? the ?t?m? ?n ??ur travel permit which you get ?n a US ?mb???? ?ut??d? the ??untr?. Th? v??? ?? not given t? ??u in the US, ?? ?t is the permit ??u n??d f?r entry into the US. Wh?n ??u g??n entry into the US, you are free t? stay beyond th? t?rm?n?t??n ??r??d ?f ??ur visa ?? ?l?r?f??d b?l?w.

“St?tu?” implies ??ur ?l??? of ?ntr? ?nt? th? U.S (e.g. H-1B, L-2, B-1) ?nd th? ??r??d to wh??h your ?t?? h?r? ??n l??t. Th?? may n?t g?n?r?ll? be equal ?? th? v???, f?r ?n?t?n??, if your entry into th? US was thr?ugh F-1 ?t?tu? v?? ?n F-1 v???, ?nd ?ft?r th?t changed t? H-1B status.

  1. T? wh?t ?xt?nt would I be ?bl? to ?t?? ?n th? U.S?

You ?r? free t? r???d? ?n th? US ?? l?ng as ??ur ?t?tu? permits. U?u?ll?, th? time allotment is d?t?rm?n?d b? your I-94. Th? I-94 ?? th? little white ??rd (?r gr??n ?f ??ur entry w?? thr?ugh Visa Waiver Program) that the ?mm?gr?t??n ?ff????l place ?n ??ur passport wh?n ??u came ?nt? the US. If b? reason, ??u h?d ??ur ?t?tu? ?h?ng?d ?r ?xt?nd?d on ??ur f?r?t v???t t? the US, the ?nd?r??m?nt notification will have another I-94 ?tt??h?d t? th? b???. Th?? new I-94 w?ll h?v? to ?nd???t? th? l?ngth ?f t?m? ??u ??n ?t?? ?n th? US. N?v?rth?l???, any j?urn?? ?l??? t? th? ?nd?r??m?nt, ?r after th? ?nd?r??m?nt, may ?nflu?n?? t? what ?xt?nt ??u ??n ?t?? ?n th? US ?? ?u?h, m??t ??ur ?tt?rn?? for ??un??l?ng.

  1. Do I r??u?r? another v??? ?ft?r m? status h?? been ?xt?nd?d?

G?n?r?ll?, ??u just require ?n?th?r v??? stamp in ??ur ??????rt t? ??m? b??k t? th? US ?ft?r the ?r???nt v??? h?? ?x??r?d. If you d?n’t wish t? tr?v?l, ??u are free to r?m??n ?n th? US ?ft?r your v??? h?? ?x??r?d, ?n th? ??nd?t??n th?t your ?t?tu? h?? been ?r?l?ng?d. If you ?mb?rk ?n a j?urn?? b?f?r? th? ?x??r?t??n ?f ??ur visa, ?nd you h?v? ?bt??n?d an endorsement for extension, ??u mu?t ?r???nt th? old, usable visa ?nd the ?xt?n???n endorsement to th? ?mm?gr?t??n official, ?nd ??u w?ll h?v? th? ?xt?n???n ?nd d?t? reflected ?n your n?w I-94.

  1. D? I require ?n?th?r v??? after m? ?t?tu? h?? been changed?

If ?ft?r ??ur status h?? been changed, ?nd ??u don’t w?nt to tr?v?l, you can r?m??n ?n the US w?th?ut need f?r a new v???. Sub???u?ntl?, wh?n th? ?h?ng? ?f ?t?tu? h?? b??n ?ff?rm?d, ??u will, h?w?v?r, r??u?r? a n?w v??? (?nd???t?ng the n?w ?t?tu?) b?f?r? ??ur ??m?ng b??k to th? US ?n th? l?t??t status.

  1. Wh?r? w?uld I be able to g?t a visa?

Y?u ??n ?bt??n your visa at the ?mb???? ?n ??ur n?t??n ?r ?n ?n?th?r n?t??n wh?r? ??u h?v? close r?l?t??n?. Num?r?u? foreign n?t??n?l? l?k?w??? ???l? for visas ?t th? embassies ?n C?n?d? or Mexico. For the d?t??l?d ?nf?rm?t??n, r??u?r?d documentation, waiting t?m??, and ?????f?? ?r???dur?, k?ndl? v???t th? ?mb????’? website t? which ??u ?r? applying.

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