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CANADA PR - Who has the Edge! Hmmm Let's say the guy with the Permanent residency.

So people keep asking about why apply a Permanent Residency rather than find a job and then apply permanent residency? Well it's simple, you don’t take a bus after going some where you wanted to go, you take a bus to go to somewhere you wanted to go.

canada pr

Let's assume that I am the employer in CANADA and I have two resumes in front of me, one which has a PR and the one without a PR, even if the later is more talented than the prior I would be inclined to prior because he is a ready made candidate for me and I don’t need to wait for a year to close my opening. And BTW which opening waits for one year?

Also do not forget that even if you are in the process of visa i.e. your application is in the process also, I as an employer would be inclined to look at you rather than some one who hasn’t.

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