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Why Immigration??
Posted on: 19 Mar 2016  |   Tags: Immigrate to Overseas , Migrate to Abroad ,

My passion for Immigration continues with every growing day. Not that I have made it my Career but because it has helped me in understanding people better. Now, that is an interesting statement because I am sure everyone wants to understand how can Immigration help understanding people better. Well, here is the reason.... You come across different sets of people in every walk of life but from my childhood, I wanted to understand why do people want to leave their Country and move abroad?? I never thought I would understand the reason for the same because I hate travelling within the Country, leave alone travelling outside and then making yourself comfortable in a different culture, different sets of values, etc. It did not make sense to me. I just thought that they did not care enough about their Country. However, I did not realize that I could be wrong!! Now, having made this my career, I understand the reason why people migrate and actually what difference can that make to our Country.

Why Immigration

Having said that, I should talk about my tryst with Immigration. What actually attracted me to take up Immigration as my career? The simple message saying "give people what you did not get" actually got me thinking on this subject. As informed earlier, I was always of the opinion that people who love their Country would not leave it for better prospects. Well, I had to change my opinion because I actually started seeing the reasons on why people want to go abroad for better opportunities, how does that actually help our economy and why going abroad necessarily does not mean that people do not love their Country. So, I would like to bring out my views on why people want to Immigrate:

  1. It changes your lifestyle and the standard of living. Hence, secures your future
  2. Better Financial Security and greater flexibility in spending and saving money
  3. Children can get better education
  4. Can support your family back home after taking care of your needs
  5. Understand and adapt yourself to a different culture
  6. In a larger perspective, helps in building ties within the governments

The above reasons are a few reasons why people prefer moving aboard. Actually, I feel that these are the reasons why people should Immigrate. Will come back with more details on Immigration!!

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