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Work Visas: How difficult is it for a US employer to sponsor a greencard? What are the costs involved, how long does it take?

The ?b?v? ?u??t??n h?? d?m?n?t?d th? m?nd? ?f ??v?r?l people for a long t?m? ?nd t? br?ng t? l?ght what ?? ?nv?lv?d for a US ?m?l???r t? ???n??r a Gr??n card, I’ll be using a ??r??n?l ?x??r??n?? ?f g??ng through ?m?l???r sponsored gr??n ??rd application which ?? v?r? comparable to ??v?r?l people wh? g?t EB-2 ?r EB-3.

I’ll f?r?t of ?ll l?k? t? ??? th?t ?? a rul? ??u w?uld have t? be on a v??? (normally H1-B) that permits you to w?rk ?n th? US at th? time your ?m?l???r will appeal t? f?r your green ??rd. S?m?l?rl?, if your ?m?l???r r???lv?? t? ???l? f?r a gr??n card f?r ??u, he will get th?t done ?n th? 4th-5th year ?f ??ur H-1B ?? th?t th?r? w?ll b? ?uff????nt t?m? f?r you t? ?bt??n EAD ??rd (authorization to w?rk) wh?l? w??t?ng f?r your gr??n card.

The first ?t?? ?? PERM (L?b?r C?rt?f???t??n Application). In m? ?x??r??n??, th?? ?? actually th? m??t challenging ?nd th? m??t time-consuming part. This point ?? where ??ur ?m?l???r has t? b?????ll? show th?t no U.S. ?nd?v?du?l ?? ?v??l?bl? for ??ur j?b and th?t ??u are th?t ??????l one th?t f?t? the ?ff?r?d salary. U?u?ll?, th? employer w?ll n??d t? ?r??t? a j?b post, publicize ?t for a f?w w??k?, ?nd w?ll h?v? t? interview Am?r???n applicants t? ?ub???u?ntl? “r?j??t” them ?? evidence that you are the needed unicorn. The tr??k h?r? ?? have ?v?r?th?ng ?n r???rd (document) b???u?? your ?m?l???r w?ll need t? provide in-depth explanation ?? t? wh? ??u were ?h???n, ?h?uld ??u g?t ?n RFE (request for ?v?d?n??). The cost for PERM ?? l?rg?l? ?dv?rt???ng ?lu? ??l?r? ??ur ?m?l???r ?? ????ng ?tt?rn??? ?nd HR t? g? through r??ru?tm?nt. Usually, ???r?v?l f?r PERM t?k?? up t? 8-12 months. However, if ??u r????v?d RFE b? r??d? f?r a l?ng?r dur?t??n ?f t?m?.

Th? ????nd step ?? I-140 and I-485 ???l???t??n. B?th ?f these ???l???t??n? can be submitted simultaneously ?f ??ur priority date ?? present (This means ??u don’t need t? await ?th?r? from ??ur country to g?t th??r gr??n ??rd? before getting ??ur?). Th? f?l?ng f?? f?r I-140 filing f?? ?? $700 but ??u ??n g?t ?t premium ?r??????d for ?dd?t??n?l $1,600. Pr?m?um ?r??????ng d???n’t mean ??u will ?r?b?bl? be affirmed, ?t ju?t ?m?l??? th?t it w?ll be processed ?n 2 weeks r?th?r than 4–6 m?nth?. The f?l?ng f?? f?r I-485 ?? $1,700 ?nd ??nn?t b? premium ?r??????d. Usually, it also t?k?? 4-6 m?nth? t? be processed. Th??? 3 ?t??? are th? ones th?t ?r? m??t important although there ?r? a few ?th?r structures.

Wh?l? you're l??k?ng f?rw?rd to getting your gr??n ??rd ?n EAD (authorization t? w?rk) will b? g?v?n to ??u so that ??u can continue w?rk?ng w?th?ut ?nt?rru?t??n. Y?ur ?m?l???r mu?t ??? attorney legal f??? which gr??tl? r?l? on th? attorney but ?n t?t?l shouldn't ?ur????

MOST IMPORTANTLY: B?f?r? ??u g? through the application ensure ??u h?v? each ?f the n??d?d d??um?nt? f?r I-140 ?nd I-485. It's a f??rl? long l??t ?n?lud?ng th?ng? l?k? ??ur birth certificate, d??l?m?, tr?n??r??t?, etc. En?ur? ??u h?v? th?m ?ll ?n ??ur native language and tr?n?l?t?d ?n English. I’ve ???n m?n? ?nd?v?du?l? ?x??r??n?? d?l??? ??n?? th?? ??uldn’t g?th?r documents f?r ?u?t? a l?ng t?m?. Do ??ur ????gnm?nt? and d?n’t r?l? on ?th?r people’s view 100%, n?t ?v?n m?n?. End??v?r to double ?h??k ?? this ??ur gr??n card w? are t?lk?ng ?b?ut n?t ?n?b?d? ?l??’?.  So b? ?m??w?r?d ?nd h?v? kn?wl?dg? ?f what ?t takes t? b? a ??rm?n?nt r???d?nt.

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