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There was a question asked by one my clients saying - “Why are you still open and / or You should not be selling at this time?”. So, it does come to my mind whether one should continue selling at the time of crisis. Many, in fact almost everyone think that selling at such times is like we are deaf to the global crisis at this time of need when Corona Virus has hit our lives big time. Many think that it is true that when we say “Business as Usual” at this time, not looking at the crisis in hand, it does seem to be a little self-centred. 

However, let us look at the other perspective as well. We are only trying to help people “Insure their Future” by investing at this time because many know that they will either be jobless or end with less pay or even worse, may not get an alternate option in the near future, when things do get back to normalcy because employers will prune out the “buttermilk” and keep only the “butter” or “cream” of the lot as they have to start from Ground “0”

What is this “Crisis” all about?

Before India started showing glimpses of this Virus being spread in the Country, we were hoping to see a revived economy. We have been doing decently well after the recession that happened in the year 2008. Our Country was open to investments, jobs were available and all we needed to probably do was to ensure that we continue in the same growth speed or probably a little higher. 

To sum it up, our stock markets were doing pretty decently, in fact was at the peak for some time though there were not many additions of MNC’s or high Investments in the Country. Big Companies like Microsoft, IBM, etc. might also find it hard to come back to normalcy after this crisis. Hence, it would be tough to say that we all as Companies have lost our value. 

The current crisis in discussion is a Virus. Our Government have done the right thing by deciding to let go the economy to ensure that human lives are saved, with the strong belief that the economy can be rebuilt but we cannot bring back the people who lose their lives to this deadly Virus. Now, we come to the point of discussion as to how should we behave as a sales orientated organization.

What is the meaning of Sales?

If you are under the impression that sales is something which is done to get someone to hear. you and pay, and at their cost, then let me correct you that the belief you are holding for a long time is absolutely incorrect. My point of view is that sales is something that you do with someone and that is absolutely for their benefit.

Moody’s has reduced India’s Economic Growth to about 2.5% which way below what they had suggested earlier. We are taking such harsh and stringent measures only to ensure that we come out successful against the war against a destructive and invisible enemy. While it is evident that this recession is going to be humongous, I feel our clients and prospects will need all the help in rebuilding their lives once again. The Economy no doubt will wither and diminish but it is definitely not going to come to a complete stop and neither can we let it happen. So, we once again come to the question - “Should we sell?”

So, what is the difference we make by selling?

Let me give clarity here that we do not sell services or solutions. We sell “Outcomes”. Immigration will help your clients and prospects to ensure that they are protected when we return back to normalcy. Canada has already announced that they intend to take more than a million immigrants and Australia is still processing files. So, not all is bad and gloomy. So, you can basically ensure that your clients are insured when they try coming out of this great recession. 

We should never forget that we are like a lifeguard or a swimmer who helps a person drowning and not refuse to help when they are actually drowning. We would be termed heartless if we refuse to help a person drowning and let them drown when you know you can help them change their fate. 

Business at the most unusual time

I repeat, if what we do helps our clients or our prospective clients improve their life and come out of their struggles at this testing times, we are not only compelled to help them but we need to put in our best foot forward to help them. The idea that our clients or prospective clients will not need help or need less help during this time of crisis, you are absolutely incorrect. This is the time that everyone requires all the support they get.

We are still at the early stages now. We are only going to see more difficult and worse days before things can get back to “better” or “normal”. It is going to take humongous effort for one and all to come out afresh from the big economic hole we have created. One of the poorest decision we can make is to wait for everything to get back to normal and be in place. We are only making the economic hole bigger. While our civic bodies, government and professionals from Health Care are ensuring they take care of the virus crisis on hand, the rest of us can work towards minimising or limiting the economic crisis. 

Sales is what we do for someone with help of someone and absolutely for their benefit. Let us all think once again - What we do now will actually help normalise life on the flip side of this nightmare in the form of Corona Virus.

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